11 ways to stay healthy with desk job

11 quick tips stay healthy desk job

I know you all must be reading about this every day and you might be following few of these suggestions but this write up is for people to have a perfect excuse for not exercising. I cannot find time to exercise at all (not even 10 minutes out of 24 hours) and I know for a fact that some people hate exercising, I’m one of them 😉

This article is mostly for an audience who have desk jobs or a very sedentary lifestyle. Also, we are NOT selling you slim belts or any such products. This is simply a series of minor lifestyle changes which are relatively easier to make than following diets which give unrealistic expectations, are hard to follow etc.

11 quick tips stay healthy desk job

So here are few tips that could help you reduce weight.  These are simple to follow so don’t sweat much, I didn’t!

Own “Vending machine” at desk

We all want to munch when we work,  a simple change of snacks will work wonders. Stock your personal “snack machine” with dried fruit, nuts, non-buttery popcorn, and tea.

Drink water

Sounds routine but you’ll be surprised at how easily this step is missed throughout the day. Sipping water while preferably sitting can fight off fatigue and keep you away from unhealthy snacking. It also increases metabolism and not only helps you reduce weight but also keeps you fresh. You can also substitute with healthy cucumber water. Checkout our cucumber water recipes:

Also read our post on drinking water can help keep stomach healthy. We have so many apps on our phone, why not install a water reminder app. I have one and yes it is annoying at the beginning but very helpful reminders which keep me fresh all day.


Most important meal of the day. DON’T miss your breakfast. You might be getting late but make it a point to quickly gobble some boiled eggs with whole wheat bread. A glass of milk in the morning with some protein  will keep you up and running. You can then say goodbye to unhealthy snacking till your next glass of water.

Stand at your desk

This is easier than exercising. Just stand at your desk staring at the lovely office sights and sounds and then sit down again. Doing this very 30 minutes will allow your body to stretch and you get a chance to check what’s happening around you. Please don’t indulge in conversation and waste time. You have to stand again after 30 minutesJ.

Carry an Apple to work

“Apple a day keeps a doctor away”. This is your evening snack. Don’t look at anything else. If you don’t like it. Please carry some other fruit like bananas.

Keep away from fizzy drinks completely

This was toughest for me as I just love all fizzy drinks. My three year old son calls it dirty water and makes a nasty face but I still can’t help but love them. Obviously he is smarter than me so out of shame, here is what I started doing, I replaced it with ICE COLD WATER. Drinking cold water increases metabolism by almost 10% and tastes lovely. If fizzy pangs get to me, I take a small sip from the bottle and no more followed by cold water. This is also a helpful technique. Once thirst is satiated fizzy pangs also disappears.

Replace your chair


Just get a stability ball instead of your chair. You might want to try this out since this could help you tone your body. I did not do this as it was too much work but if you’re up for it, go right ahead!

Laugh a little

This is simple and easy. If you can’t laugh checkout our facebook page, we have started publishing a joke every week for our audience. This could help us increase traffic and bring some fun in your life. Win-win!

Deep Breathing

This is an exercise. Just breathe deeply in and out and repeat 10 times . Helps burn calories as well and relaxes your body.

Chew Gum

Minty fresh chewing gum while working can reduce stress and anxiety. Good for you, sometimes we need all the help we can get. Take care not to do this very often as chewing gum has lots of preservatives.

Take a 5 minute afternoon power nap

I know this is cheating but 5 minutes is definitely not a crime right? Just sneak a nap after lunch, you have no idea how helpful this is in terms of charging you for the rest of the day.

You can also add Cucumber water to your diet. Checkout our Cucumber Water Recipes 

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13 Comments on “11 ways to stay healthy with desk job”

  1. I need to practice getting up every 1/2 to stretch !! Having a sedentary life and job can be super harmful to your health ! Thanks for these reminders !

  2. I’m guilty of that very excuse you’ve mentioned there, “I have no time to exercise.” I like the suggestions and yes, I just realized that it’s possible to not drink water and not realize that you’re actually not drinking it.

  3. These are some awesome tips I swear I could feel my fat cells multiplying after sitting all day . I used to drink a lot of lemon water and walk around a lot and take naps in the lunch room . I worked until 2 am for a year or so .

  4. These are great tips! I’ve just noticed in the past few weeks how my water intake has dropped off and I’ve noticed fatigue and stomach issues. I’ve recommitted to drinking my water!

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