Baby Colic and 11 Home Remedies to resolve it.

Baby Colic

Baby Colic

I had never heard of baby colic prior to becoming a mother. I didn’t even know that infants had to go through so much pain and discomfort after birth. Most friends who had babies never discussed colic issues with me until I started talking about it, then all sorts of horror stories started coming out.

Despite myself, I can’t help but feel jealous of parents who didn’t go through this baby related problem since it was quite difficult for us to manage as well as for the baby who was in pretty bad shape while it lasted. Those sleepless nights when you have a baby constantly bawling at the top of its voice and you are constantly tired, irritated and sleepy. Colic makes you question the very notion of having kids in the first place.

Since we didn’t know about colic at all we took our month old baby to the hospital at midnight once thinking something was majorly wrong. He had been fed properly so there has to be something wrong as we could not figure out why it was crying so badly. The Pediatrician on rounds than explained to us what COLIC is and gave us required medication. Medication did work for few days and then a friend of mine told me not to give any medication there are home remedies just as effective.

I opened Google Guru and did my research and got stuck since there was no science behind it. For most infants this is a phase resolves gradually within a few months.

Baby Colic

is defined as intermittent crying one or two times a day by a healthy, well-fed child. Most doctors believe reason behind colic is air trapped in the abdominal cavity which leads to discomfort.

Colic can be distressing  and Parents of colicky babies can suffer from relationship stress, breastfeeding problems and even postpartum depression.We can’t give medication all the time so I tried a few home remedies which worked for me:

Warm Compress

Dip a baby towel in warm water and place it on baby tummy. Rubbing towel in circular motion helps.

Oil Massage

An old day’s therapy which is quite helpful. Gently massage the tummy in circular motion

Burp Time

Pretty basic but always burp your baby after feeding. This reduces formation of air pockets.

Asafetida (Heeng)

Add a pinch of Asafetida powder to 1 spoon of water. Mix it well and rub this around baby’s navel clockwise.

Warm bath

Bathing your kid during colic is quite helpful and provides a soothing effect


Playing Lullaby for 15-20 minutes does help. We played few of them in the beginning but my baby always enjoyed Electronic Dance Music so for us songs by Martin Garrix and AVICII were saviors. I guess this was the result of the Aviici concert I had attended when I was expecting!

Fennel Seeds

If you are breastfeeding please drink fennel seeds water . It can relieve gas and benefit baby a lot. Just boil fennel seeds with water and drink that water till the time you are feeding.

Knee exercise

Knee Exercise
Knee Exercise

This is quite helpful during first 6 months. Put your baby on its back, hold the feet and push legs towards the tummy area gently. Repeat the process a few times

Gripe Water*

We have also used gripe water since recommendation came from many parents and It was quite effective. In fact, my baby is 3 years plus now and we still use it.


This is also another over-the-counter medication but please check with your pediatrician before introducing it to the kid. It was quite effective but we didn’t continue for long.

TV White Noise

White Noise -TV
White Noise -TV

Highly unconventional but worked quite well for us. White noise is just like heavy rain noise ( which works wonders, download a rain app) and my baby used to sleep for hours listening to it.

*Please check with your pediatrician before using any over-the-counter medication.

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  1. My second daughter used to suffer from colic and I used to pull my hair. Once my mom came over and taught me about the oil massage, it works like magic.

  2. Babies magic tea is good for newborn’s colic. It’s safe and preservative-free home remedy that worked for both my babies.

  3. This is quite helpful post. We did try Whitenoise and it worked wonders for us. We didn’t gave any medication to our baby. I see that you have quite an interesting view about of Toddler’s friendship. I like that as well.

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