Effects of Air Pollution

Effects of air pollution

Winter is just round the corner and like always most of us are either suffering from cough or some allergy. Winters do start with a festive season but for most cities like Delhi, it does increases the air pollution thus leading most of us to suffer from breathing issues or some form of respiratory illness. Early October, a video got viral which described effects of air pollution on our lungs and how our breathing system is affected by high level of pollutants in the air. This motivated me to write about the current state of our atmosphere atmosphere. While reading, I did some research on effects of air pollution.

How exhaust cloud, ash, natural gases and other air contamination’s are impacting our health.

It is quite painful to see almost every third person coughing or sneezing, especially young kids and growing children. Almost all of us have been raising concerns about air pollution and have tried to find out certain solutions. I am certain that vast majority of us have been quite worried about air contamination and its resulting effects on us. The intent of this article is to develop some awareness about the effects of air pollution but if someone is experiencing major respiratory problems for more than a week they should immediately consult a doctor as these things can become quite severe.

effects of air pollution
Causes of Air Pollution

Air is termed as polluted when it has mixture of poisons in it and it is inconvenient to health and well-being.  Most air pollutants originates from the usage of petrol based products and the discharge of gas and chemicals into the air as a result of fossil fuel burning. Carbon dioxide and methane in the air is raising the world temperature and adding few degrees which is effecting the meltdown of polar ice caps triggering floods. Another effect of air pollution is global warming. Smog also forms when the climate is hotter than usual thus leading to more radiation.

The change in climate builds a whole new generation of allergenic air toxins including mold and dust.

Air Pollution can be categorized into Smog and Soot

Mostly brown haze or ground level pollution happens when discharges from combustion petroleum derivatives respond with daylight. Both originate from vehicles like autos and trucks, manufacturing plants, control plants, incinerators, motors and anything that combusts petroleum derivatives.

Effects of air pollution

Both smog and soot can penetrate the lungs and our system thereby causing bronchitis, prompt heart attacks and even hasten our  demise in severe situations. Brown haze is quite injurious for eyes and throat and is quite harmful for specifically for children and senior citizens.

These days most children and infants suffer from lung disorders since air pollution during winters is at its peak. Most children face breathing issues due to pollutants in the air. Effects of air pollution are increasing with increasing smog

The risky air pollutants –

These are quite well known and have been discussed at various research centers. Mercury, Lead, dioxins and Benzene are top culprits. Dioxins can have adverse effects on the liver and damage lots of organs in our body. Lead in larger quantities can harm our children’s brains and kidneys, and even in little sums it can influence kids’ IQ and their capacity to learn. Mercury influences the focal sensory system.

Green house gases

Due to the sudden increase in gases and greenhouse emissions, temperature gets hotter and we can easily see environmental change like rising ocean levels and extreme temperatures. There is also an increase in CO2 in our atmosphere.

Another class of green house gases is hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which are trapped in warm atmosphere quite easily and have the propensity to wipe out the Ozone Layer.

effects of air pollution
Dust and Pollen

Allergens from trees, weeds, and grass are likewise noticeable all around and are exacerbated by environmental change. These can also be risky to health if you have certain allergies.

Whenever homes, schools, or organizations get water contamination the cause could be some poisonous plants which can develop and create allergenic airborne poisons. Due to lot of airborne particles like pollen more individuals endure runny noses, fevers and irritation in eyes.

It is quite important for us to be prepared and work towards making our air cleaner. If all of us work together, we can definitely make our atmosphere cleaner for next generation. This will happen but will obviously take time. Meanwhile, we all need to focus on aiming to be ready for winters and fight air pollutants.

Below are certain things we could do to help ourselves and work towards a cleaner environment.

The less gas we consume, the better we’ll be at decreasing air contamination and hurtful impacts of environmental change, Make good decisions about transportation. When you can, walk, ride a bicycle, or take open transportation. For driving, pick vehicles that show signs of improvement miles per gallon of gas or pick an electric automobile.

The most effective method to Protect Your Health

When you find in the daily paper or hear on the climate report that contamination levels are high, it might be helpful to restrict the time when youngsters go outside or you go for a run, By and large, ozone levels have a tendency to be down in the morning thereby increasing the risk

When you do exercise outside, try to ensure it is not vigorous and not near a busy street with lots of traffic. Do not forget to shower and wash your garments frequently to eliminate fine particles.

If the air quality is awful, remain inside with windows shut.

Wear sunscreen. At the point when bright radiation gets through the debilitated ozone layer, it can cause skin harm and skin disease.

Avert air pollution at home

Luckily, there are ways you can limit effects of air pollution at your home or at your work space. Here are some basic steps you can take:

  • Avoid smoking inside at all cost (stopping smoking is the best response for general well-being. It is just not worth it and not as tough to quit as people are led to believe)
  • Use specialty supplies in ventilated zones
  • Beyond any doubt please ensure that your gas stove is ventilated from all over as this can be a major cause of indoor air pollution.
  • Minimize mess
  • Remove plastic covering from all wrapped furniture if possible
  • Use a dehumidifier and additionally ventilation system to reduce dampness
  • Keep waste secured to keep from bugs contaminating the home with rubbish
  • Remove shoes at the entryway
  • Minimize air freshener utilization as these are all artificial and fragrance is not at all the solution to solving pollution problem.
  • Use carbon monoxide indicators
  • Fix water spills
  • Dust surfaces and vacuum most of the time
  • Wash sheet material week on week in boiling water. This will kill a lot of germs not always detected in wash.
  • Get a fan for your washrooms and kitchen
  • Keep a cover on scented candles

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  1. I’ve never really been carbon footprint conscience, but recently I’ve wanted to start a zero waste kitchen, start shopping at local Farmers Markets, and I’ve even thought about starting a compost pile. Not sure what changed within me, but I love reading blogs like yours that identify ways we can help out the earth.

  2. Nice And Very useful info,
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  3. With so much technological change going on, I think out environment has gone to gutters! Its horrible how little things can affect the pollution in the air we breathe!

  4. This is such an important subject – I guess you won’t blame me that I did not actually ‘enjoy’ reading it?! Your already disturbing descriptions become even more drastic by the horrific pictures. Very good post!

  5. What a thought provoking Article. The fact that some people are forced to stay most of their time locked up in their homes makes me really sad. It makes me want to get a car even less now. Thanks for that informative post. Keep up the good work!

  6. I wish everybody is aware of this matter… polution is a serious issue and requires immediate action.. I just watched Al Gore’s inconvenient truth and the effects of Global warming is very alerting. The change should start from us.. a simple way of using alternative energy can make a huge difference

  7. Oh yesss.. thank you for the great info. So many people underestimate the air pollution.. we may not see it all the time but it’s actually very bad as you described.. I’ve never seen this kind of smog though..

  8. You have chosen a hot topic in the conservation of earth. The increase in green house gases is the main reason for the hot temperature. And it also true that we are the only reason of air pollution and only we can stop this or reduce this.
    Thanks for reminding us about it.

  9. This is one of the essential and timeless post. I would definitely share this. Its always good to protect our health and be concerned to our environment too.

  10. I grew up in Southern California near Los Angeles and when I was a kid air quality was a major problem. It is better now, but it’s very dangerous.

  11. Oh, that sounds and feels horrid, as in Delhi we are again at the same time of the year when the AQI was worst last year. I have a permanent mask for me n my son n hubby to wear on and have air purifier.

  12. We use to have cities like this in America, 30-50 years ago. Fortunately we made a lot of positive changes. That smog is so terrible for the world we live in. By no way are we perfect but we have come a long way.

  13. There is so much more we can each do as individuals to reduce our carbon footprint, such as not using the car for short-run small errands but instead waiting to do a once or twice weekly shopping. Better yet if we can walk or bicycle to appointments. Many cities in the world are now retiring their older diesel fueled public buses and putting more hydrogen or other alt-energy buses into their fleets to reduce pollution.

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