How to wash your body – Body parts you are not washing enough

How to wash your body – Body parts you are not washing enough

Introduction to an unusually hectic lifestyle generally starts from the time that we are born these days. Times have gone when people had space to spare some precious moments on themselves. With hectic and competitive lifestyle we tend to quickly take case of the most routine tasks, including cleaning and washing body parts. We generally tend to rinse off our body and rush to our work related commitments. This is especially common among children and youth. While a quick shower does refresh our body, we should take a lot of care of how to wash your body as there are body parts we are not washing enough which can cause hygiene related problems. It is time to learn how to wash your body and spare time for body parts you are not washing enough.

A clean person is not the one that runs away from dirt but one who takes time and effort to tidy-up.
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Growing children tend to miss cleaning lot of body parts and this could be gross and unhealthy in long run. To ensure healthy and a germ-free body, it is important to take a few extra minutes to clean everything. 

Enclosed are some common omissions and contains a small list for body parts you are not washing enough. #how to wash your body

Behind the ears

A lot of people do not wash hair regularly and thus tend to miss cleaning behind their ears. You might have some people cleaning ears often but cleaning behind the ears need an extra effort. The back of our ear is hidden so it can easily attract bacteria. For few this could cause a rash as well and it is best to avoid that pain and discomfort by making the extra effort.

My little boy enjoys water and loves taking bath but always need a hand. Children hardly clean such “tough to reach” spots and this could lead that spot to emit a foul smell as well

Belly button

Yes! This is one spot missed by lot of people. I did short survey last week and belly button was one of the most common spot overlooked by a lot of people. 

An unwashed belly button is known to collect lint and results in growth of bacteria. For people who hardly clean it, they would notice a distinctly foul smell or infection. Children would hardly even look at cleaning their belly button. For kids bathing is all about fun with water!

A tip to clean belly button easily – use coconut oil to clean your belly button. Coconut oil on belly button is great for people who have dry skin

Between Toes

While taking bath, most people miss cleaning between the toes. We wear socks, shoes or stay barefoot attracting germs. If we neglect cleaning between the toes, then yucky stuff gets permanently stuck over there. This means disgusting smelly feet. 

A simple way to keep your feet healthy and smell free is to wash them regularly, even between the toes. Use talcum powder to keep your feet dry whole day for that fresh feeling

Back and Butt

Of all body parts you are not washing enough It is the most difficult to keep a check on our back cleanliness since we can’t see it. Most of just land up not cleaning it properly as an end result. Not cleaning back properly could affect in a pretty bad way. Our back is covered mostly and could get clogged which could lead to infection.

Tip – get a back scrubber


We all brush two times a day but it this enough! Our poor Tongue that helps us taste most wonderful meals is left out. Time to put some effort to clean it everyday using a simple tongue cleaner. This is as, if not more important as brushing ones teeth if you do not wish to suffer from bad breath and oral hygiene related problems.


We do so much when it comes to achieve shinny and soft hair but most of us tend to forget our scalp. Our scalp needs more attention than our hair which we tend to miss.

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How to wash your body – Body parts you are not washing enough
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24 Comments on “How to wash your body – Body parts you are not washing enough”

  1. I have to say I never heard of washing the tongue but it is a good way of putting it. We tend to neglect our bodies and washing properly should be a habit.

  2. I remember when my son started taking showers on his own, I kept having to remind him to wash his WHOLE body. Lol. I think he finally learned.

  3. The belly button could definitely be an easy place to miss if you’re a super Minnie like my son. The coconut oil might do the trick lol. Thanks!

  4. Very true for many but not for me as I have been taking care of myself a lot in terms of cleanliness. Glad you post it for the rest who should know how to clean themselves properly.

  5. Very true for many but not for me as I have been taking care of myself a lot in terms of cleanliness. Glad you post it for the rest who should know how to clean themselves properly.

  6. I agree, this stuff should be common sense but it’s not. Thank you for this comprehensive list. I wish I could print it out and hand it out to people on the subway…

  7. What people fail to realize is that this is where odor and bacteria stem from sometimes. I personally have to be mindful of every part of my body that doesn’t get enough love and I started to pay more attention to it every time I shower… thanks for the reminder 🙂

  8. I’m always telling my boys and my husband to brush their tongues! I do it every single day and I think it has such a huge affect on both actual and PERCEIVED cleanliness.

  9. I couldn’t help but laugh at reading this. You would think this is common sense, but it’s not. As a mom and as a business owner in the health industry, people don’t think to do these things. The ears.. it’s a sensitive area, but a build up of wax can be extremely unhealthy, cause hearing loss, etc. The toungue.. geeze bacteria breeds there for sure after eating and waking up from a nights sleep. Great tips and great read.

  10. Well I can tell you my youngest son will have the cleanest toes. When he takes a shower he sits down with the bar of soap and runs it between each set of toes. Every single shower. The other spots I’m not so sure about, but I know he won’t have stinky feet!

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