Stomach infection remedies for travelling toddler

Stomach infection remedies

Stomach infection remedies for children

Believe it or not, poop and stomach infection remedies are at the center the planning process for every toddler’s parent. You try to plan and make sure that everything goes smoothly but (and this invariably happens at the last minute) your child suddenly falls sick (stomach infection) and the plan literally goes for a toss.

We usually are more confident handling poop accidents at home since we have resources available but what happens when we travel? This stuff is what nightmares are made up of!

Most diaper babies are still transitioning till the age of 4 and that is acceptable age for a baby to be potty trained. Every child takes his/her own time but during this transition, parents are challenged like never before.

Amidst all this turmoil you plan to travel and lo and behold, your Nightmare comes true! You find out your toddler has stomach infection and he might be passing loose stools. What do you do? Tickets are paid for, hotels are booked and this dream vacation is looking more and more like God’s cruel practical joke for not giving him enough importance in your life.

First step, relax and take several deep breaths. Stomach infections are quite common and happens with the young kids all the time so nothing much to worry about as stomach infection remedies are readily available. If it is serious like pooping blood than consult a doctor immediately. Even then the situation is totally curable and stomach infection remedies are available with antibiotics.

I cover some tips that could help you handle stomach infections during travelling. These are practical ideas which I wish someone would’ve told me before my first travel outing.

Carry all medicines –

I always suggest to carry basic medicines whenever you plan your travel since you might not find the same medication everywhere. While travelling carrying medicine for stomach infection whether or not there is an infection. There are few home remedies that could help you on the road but it might take time to cure the infection.

Always carry few packets of Oral rehydration solution (ORS) powder. These might come handy if your kid is fussy eating food, getting dehydrated or for any other reason to get some water and salts in his/her body. ORS helps to balance the body salts, thereby taking care of hydration, definitely during stomach infection.

Food during infections (keeping in mind, stomach infection remedies) –

Remember during stomach infections especially while travelling, eating right kind of food can help. Here are some things that are easily available and are best for your toddlers stomach:

  • Banana is one of the best fruits during loose motions.
  • Yogurt or curd is the second best thing you could give your toddler during this time.
  • Bread with butter is the also helpful during this time. Just make sure that you give your toddler a butter toast during loose stools and it will definitely help
  • Soda is also a good thing. Few spoons of bottled soda are also perfect but only few spoons
  • Blonde psyllium (Isabgol) is also something you could carry during your travel. It is helpful for people who had gastric issues or get a lot of acid reflux. Isabgol with curd is a life saver for toddlers and can give immediate relief from stomach infections.
Basic Diaper kit –

Needless the say, you should always carry basic diaper kit which includes diapers, disposable bags, wet wipes, a quick dry waterproof bed protector, baby powder, diaper rash cream and sanitizer.

Lastly, stomach infections occur due to our negligence. Small things like not washing our hands, drinking water after fruits especially melons, overeating, junk binging etc are major causes of stomach infections in toddlers. All we have to do is provide a safe environment for our toddler by keeping our surrounding clean. We need to focus on making sure that we not only have clean homes but also nearby areas.

I want to end by writing that travelling with your toddler is a wonderful experience. The constant wonder he/she expressed at simple things like trains, water etc is so good to watch that it makes all the trouble worthwhile.  So enjoy your travel and remember, poop doesn’t control you, you control the poop😊.

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