Xnspy: A Perfect Solution to Control Your Child’s Smartphone Use

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The presence of digital devices has increased parenting challenges. In this digital age, it is hard to get our kids off their devices. Therefore, the focus of the parent-child relationship is dominated by the issues of smartphone use. As the conflicts surrounding the screen time limits increase, new apps have sprung into action to address these issues. Xnspy is one such mobile spy app for the parents to address the present issues and plug any potential dangers that arise from the frequent smartphone use of kids. But how useful it is to circumvent those obstacles in your parenting? Let us find out.

XNSPY’s compatibility with different mobile operating systems

If parents intend to use a monitoring app to monitor their kids’ smartphone use, then the first priority should be to find the one that works well on major mobile platforms, like Android and iOS. While there are many apps in the market that can track both Android and iPhone, only a few of the best Android spying apps offer compatibility with the latest platforms. Unfortunately, if you end up buying a cheaper option, you may have to jailbreak or root the phone before you use the app.

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Xnspy claims to support almost all the available Android versions. The good part is that you don’t have to root the phone to use all the features. Since not all the parents are tech-savvy, that is going to save them from the extra effort they put in to do that. Secondly, Xnspy supports the latest Android Oreo 8.0 so it can be used on all the latest Android smartphones. If you further want to check the compatibility, they have a dedicated section on their website for that.

The good news about the iPhone users of Xnspy is that it supports the latest iOS 12.1 which is not offered by many apps in the market. The second reason why Xnspy is better is that it does not require its users to jailbreak the iPhone before using the app. You can simply pair it with the target phone and start using it right away.

Xnspy offers the ease of use on both the Android and iPhone. It allows you to view reports and manage settings from a phone or a laptop. There is not any difference in the quality of app on both these platforms except for some features that are not available on the iPhone version.

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How Xnspy monitors your kids’ mobile devices?

Mobile monitoring apps are your best bet when it comes to tracking your child’s device activity in the modern age. Children, either on purpose or by accident, can land in trouble on their mobile devices. Spending hours staring at their devices every day can have serious physical and psychological implications. Xnspy would help you counter those dangers through its various features. But before you start using the app, you would need to sign up for it on its website.

Visit their site www.xnspy.com and sign up after choosing a plan of your choice. Once you are done signing up, you will receive an email from them with your account information and set up instructions. From here, there are two ways you can go about setting up Xnspy.

Xnspy for Android

f you are looking to use it on an Android phone, then you will have to download and install this on your child’s smartphone or tab. The email sent to you after the subscription contains a download link that is used on the target phone. After it is downloaded, you can install Xnspy. To use it, log on to your Xnspy account through their website. Xnspy has also an accompanying mobile app that can be used to access the account on an Android phone.

Xnspy for iPhone

The process to use Xnspy on an iPhone is slightly different because of the difference in the operating system. But it is even easier than the Android version. All you need to do is to pair your Xnspy account with the iCloud account of the iPhone user. After subscribing for the iPhone version, get hold of your child’s iPhone and enable the iCloud backup if it is not enabled. Now use the iCloud credentials in your Xnspy account and pair the two accounts to receive all the latest updates.

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Most mobile monitoring apps require you to pay an annual subscription. Their price varies on the basis of devices that it monitors. But Xnspy has kept its pricing simple yet flexible. By simple we mean here that there are only two packages that it offers. The Basic package comprises of all the standard set of features. You can read messages, get call logs, and view the list of installed apps on the child’s phone, etc. The basic package is available for $49.99 if you opt to use it for one month only. But it is also available for quarterly and yearly subscriptions. The yearly subscription is only for $8.33 per month.

The other package is the Premium package that packs all the advanced features of Xnspy. The premium package includes the signature features of Ambient recording, Watchlist monitoring, Xnspy Analytics, and remote monitoring features. It is expensive than the basic package but the difference is not that big. If you decide to use it for longer periods, then you can only pay a few dollars more to avail the premium services. The annual subscription of Xnspy is available for $12.49 per month only.

The only downside is that it does not support multiple devices in a single subscription. You have to subscribe for again if you want to monitor an additional device. But you can use the same subscription on another device if the target device has been replaced or changed.

Top Features

There are more than 30 features that Xnspy mobile spy app offers. Here are some of the key features that can be helpful especially for the parents.

Filtering out information

The basic question that every monitoring app addresses is how it can prevent kids from accessing inappropriate content and how would you know about it? You may use services at home that but they are partially helpful in curbing these issues. Xnspy’s Watchlist feature helps you to filter out the information that would otherwise have to be found after going through the logs. If you are a busy parent and do not want to skim through all the information on your kid’s phone, then this feature is for you. You can set different watch lists for words, locations, emails, and contacts in your Xnspy account. The moment any of the watch listed information is exchanged on the target phone, you are instantly notified about it.

Remote monitoring

While a good child monitoring app gives you the information about the device usage of the kids, only the best allows you to set restrictions to prevent your kids from doing anything inappropriate. The remote monitoring features of Xnspy allow the parents to control the device in different ways. You can record and monitor your child’s surroundings and what they talk about in said conversations. This feature of Xnspy is exclusively limited to Android. Since screen time is one of the major issues in parenting and center of debates worldwide, no mobile spy app is a success unless it provides a solution for controlling the screen time. Xnspy allows its users to remotely lock the device without taking it away from their kids. Another useful remote monitoring feature allows the parents to wipe the device remotely if it is lost.

Social media monitoring

If you have ever used a mobile spy app before, then you may know that most of the apps that monitor social media activity are limited to a few social media apps. Xnspy’s social media monitoring includes WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Kik, Skype, Viber, and different other social media messengers. You can read the chats in all those apps including the group chats. It also gives calls information to its users in the form of call logs where the time of the calls is also mentioned. All the contacts and even the shared data in these apps are available on the Xnspy account.


Xnspy has been created for those parents who want to protect their children in a manageable way. As things have changed in 2018, so has Xnspy. It offers compatibility with the latest iOS and Android versions with some new features. Although the range of features that Xnspy offers is impressive, no app is perfect. But with this price tag and the convenience it offers, it is an app worthy for the digital safety and security of your child.


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  1. This is really cool app and even some may consider that there is a fee for subscription, but considering the effects of use of phone for extended period by kids the cost is nothing for that. Definitely going recommend to other parents

  2. I found the content filtering feature very helpful for my kids. You never know what they come across while surfing on the web. Xnspy’s filtering option at least informs me whenever they land at the wrong page online.

  3. All the things are good about the app expect that one subscription cannot be used on multiple devices. But considering the monthly cost of using it, it is not expensive to subscribe for another one.

  4. Thank you for the review. Just a quick question about the compatibility of Xnspy. Can we use Xnspy on any Android phone? Will its performance vary if I use it on a brand other than the Samsung?

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