Review of ZapZapMath – Gamified Math Ecosystem

ZapZapMath Gamified Math Ecosystem

I remember the most difficult subject at my time (for most kids of course) was Mathematics. I, however, used to love mathematics and it helped make lot of friends since my peers used to find it difficult. Funny how things haven’t changed despite the passage of time and lot of students still find mathematics a difficult subject to grasp. With advanced technology and new gadgets launched every day, children are comfortable with smartphones rather than books. Parents are on a constant look out for educational apps that could help their children learn and excel, one such app which actually stands out is ZapZapMath, gamified math ecosystem

When it comes to studies for any subject, I feel it is important to understand the basics before proceeding forward. If your basics are right then it gets easy for you to understand the concepts later. Mathematics does become overwhelming for young children but ZapZapMath makes it refreshingly entertaining.

My son lately got introduced to smartphone/tablet through his friends. It was quite unfortunate but most of his friends are allowed limited screen time so he started demanding it. The first thing I did was connected with my inner mom circle in a search for apps. Through a campaign, I came across ZapZapMath.

Honestly I felt sorry for myself. I wish it existed when I was in school, I would have definitely enjoyed studying maths even more and excelled without putting as much effort as I had to put.

About ZapZapMath

Zapzapmath was co-founded by Hong Kong based Max Teh Kim Seng and John Ng,  former Singapore based math teachers who aimed to bring a new, gamified way for math excellence to kids all over the world.

Their Mission was to help kids solve math problems through math skill games in the most engaging and fun way and to understand if a unique ecosystem around the world could be created.

With a simple thought and based on constant hiccups still faced by students, the company believes that educational methods have remained largely unchanged for generations, some of which have proven to be ineffective for many young learners. Math in particular is seen as one of the most challenging or ‘boring’ subjects for kids, but Zapzapmath aims to change the way kids fundamentally think about it.

How does ZapZapMath App work?

ZapZapMath can be downloaded on any smart gadget and platform. It is available on all devices including windows, chrome, android and iOS. You can download the app for free using this link – ZapZapMath

First time users will have to login through email and password. The platform will allow you to choose your avatar. My son loves red so he choose a red avatar. He also loved the spaceship (his father is a huge fan of Star Trek). It is great fun when the system keeps prompting next steps and introduces you to things proactively.

There are levels and each level is guaranteed to enhance your child confidence. It follows adaptive learning techniques. If your child is unable to understand the concept then it would make things easier by making questions simple. This promotes positive attitude which is a great way to keep your child engaged.

ZapZapMath aims to cover things slowly so they offer 150 educational math games across 180 topics for grades k-6.

The app allows you to monitor your child’s growth and capabilities through a dashboard which has a user friendly interface. It is aligned to Common Core standards so most kids should find that they match up to what they are studying in school.

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ZapZapMath’s subscription terms and conditions

$1.99 monthly access for Zapzapmath Home

$5.49 quarterly access for Zapzapmath Home

$19.99 annual access for Zapzapmath Home

Up to three accounts per subscription

Your subscription will be automatically renewed unless auto-renewal is disabled at least 24 hours before the subscription expires.

Renewals cost the same as the original subscription, and payment will be charged to your iTunes account upon renewal confirmation.

Personal Overview

I love the application since it allows the child to learn in phases. It makes learning math fun and easy. My son loves it and makes each minute spent on it count.  

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16 Comments on “Review of ZapZapMath – Gamified Math Ecosystem”

  1. I was the “strange” one in school who has always loved math as well! My oldest son seems to have an aptitude for math so far, but my youngest doesn’t like it as much. Through the elementary school, they have a program that’s similar to this for math and the kids love playing it. They don’t realize that they are learning as much when it’s fun!

  2. This is a terrific app and especially for kids who need that extra push with math. I will let my clients with such kids know about this.

  3. I hated maths in My school days, maybe it’s was due to the system of teaching here in my country, now I got know about this app I think I will pass this info to my siblings and will introduce this to my kids to come.

  4. This looks like such a fun and education app! I love that there are a lot of different payment options to fit different financial needs. I hate having to buy something for a year before I’m sure I love it, so I love monthly pricing.

  5. What an awesome app. I think it’s important to get kids to learn maths but that will be so much easier if you can make it fun as well. I wish we had this kind of thing when I was younger.

  6. Wish I had access to this app in my time. I was one of those students who hated maths because professors were not teaching good. It’s nice to see new generation kids have the privilege of studying through apps.

    1. Fortunately I was good in Maths and in fact loved it. But would have probably loved it more if I had access to this App. Learning these days is so much fun.

  7. I find it awesome that there are apps to help kids love math. As a child, I was terrified of math. I guess the fear came from a not-so-friendly math teacher in my early elementary days. I will definitely recommend this to my cousins who still have young children. The subscription rates are very reasonable too!

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