3 revitalizing CUCUMBER WATER recipes

3 revitalizing CUCUMBER WATER recipes

Detox your body Cucumber Water

Cucumber is a plant in gourd family and has the unique distinction of being both tasty and highly refreshing. Like every member of gourd family cucumber has surprising health benefits which everyone is not aware of.

We all know intake of cucumber has some amazing effects on our body (Benefits of cucumber) but what we don’t realize is that cucumber water is an amazing way to detox our body.  We have included 3 Cucumber water recipes to revitalize  body and refresh your organs.

basket of fresh Cucumbers
basket of fresh Cucumbers

Cucumber water

Just add ½ sliced cucumber in water, add ice and refrigerate for few hours and then serve.

Recipe 1 –  Cucumber Lemon Water Recipe

What you need?

  • ½ sliced Cucumber
  • ½ thin sliced Lemon
  • Ice
  • Water

Add lemon and cucumber together, then add ice and water. Let his sit in fridge for few hours and then serve. Add some salt and sugar to the mixture before having to enjoy Cucumber Lemon water.

Cucumber water
Cucumber water

Recipe 2 – Cucumber Mint water

Follow the same process as above. Just replace lemons with mint

Recipe 3 – Cucumber with Beatroot

This is one of the most refreshing drink if you are travelling. Follow the above recipe, just add sliced beatroot instead of lemons.

Drinking cucumber water regularly not only helps you reduce weight but also refreshes your body.
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13 thoughts on “3 revitalizing CUCUMBER WATER recipes

  1. While I’m a BIG fan of cucumber water, I never thought to add additional ingredients like lemon or mint. Can’t wait to try this!

  2. I love drinking infused water in the summer months. Especially when juice is so sweet and high in sugar, it’s nice to have a flavored drink that won’t also rot your insides.

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