5 things parents could learn from Stranger Things

5 things parents could learn from stranger things

Netflix is great source of entertainment. With Netflix growing and releasing new content extreme frequency. It is hard not to subscribe to this service (great for folks who love binge watching!). Recently Netflix released the third season of STRANGER THINGS. It has now become one of their most popular shows and if you ask me, a great series to watch! If you plan to binge on it, please start from first season. It is definitely worth watching. It does not seem like it but these shows showcase important life lessons as well. They have the potential to add to our parenting skills even if they are not trying to do that. So in this piece, you will be introduced to 5 things parents could learn from STRANGER THINGS

For those who haven’t seen it, it is a simple story. Just as the title suggests, it is about Stranger Things entering into our world and is set around 1980s America. In a small town Hawkins, people are seen living the way we live – confused, angry, happy and connected. Police doesn’t have that much to do as it is mostly a peaceful town. A Group of 5 boys are living happily until one of them on his way back is stuck in an alternate reality world where the real Strange Things actually start. Beings in this”upside down” world are strange creatures in a cold and miserable place. This place is upside down. A lot can been experienced from Season 1 to Season 3 – possession, capture, creatures entering our world, opening of the portals by Russians for experiments.etc etc. Moving on, what is there for you as Parents

5 things parents could learn from Stranger Things.

Lesson 1 – Be there for your children

You might have a crazy relationship with your children. Apparently they never listen to you! Sometimes you don’t have time for them, something they don’t have time for you…Its COMPLICATED but there are times when they need you and you have to be around.

Nancy Wheeler was upset about her actions but finally seeking advice from her mother to follow her instincts she was able to help Mike and other teenagers.

Children need our advice every now and then and they should be confident about talking to us.

Lesson 2 – Setting boundaries

Hopper setting boundaries for El was so adorable and funny. Despite El being through severe emotional trauma and Hopper going through his own loss theywere able to co-exist and create a lovely relationship. No matter how down and out things might seem you can always set rules and boundaries for a chid’s benefit.

Teenagers’ tendency is to get into a mess and you got be careful about setting boundaries that allow you to take care of them and at the same time do not ruin their space.

Lesson 3 – Find a way to communicate and tell them you care

Hopper struggled to put words into how much he loved El but was able to write a really tear jerking letter. Find your best way but always let them know how much you care.

Stranger things keep happening around us so we need to get stranger to handle stranger things! huh!

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Lesson 4 – Don’t try to be perfect, just give it your best shot

Attaining perfection in parenting is not possible so don’t even try to get there. All you can do it try to do best and find a solution. Like Joyce who pretty much rescued her child from the upside down and is constantly paranoid, just try doing the best she can.

Lesson 5 – Trust your children

Be prepared to believe your kids even if they tell you there is an upside down and giant monsters in this world. While these could be easily passed off as fancy tales always try figuring out if they can back up their most outlandish stories with proof. 

MOST IMPORTANT – Trust your own instincts. You are the best judge of situation. You know your child best and it is you whom he/she should connect to.

Obviously! Stranger Things bring out best in each character but you could enjoy it with your better half if you enjoy gripping thrillers with a retro twist and fantastic acting.

Have fun binging sometimes.

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5 things Parents could learn from Stranger things
5 things Parents could learn from Stranger things
5 things Parents could learn from Stranger things
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50 Comments on “5 things parents could learn from Stranger Things”

  1. I love how you have compared the show and it’s parenting to real life! I think it’s a great way for people to see about life!

  2. I heard this movie from my children and when I finally saw it I appreciated the life lessons we can learn and how we can apply it in reality.

  3. I love Stranger Things. Yes, I have noticed these things in this show. Especially, discussing with children and trusting is the most important thing to do.

  4. I hate to admit but I have not watched Stranger Things although I have read a lot of positive reviews about the show. I will have to start watching it soon!

  5. I haven’t watched the series but I agree with the points here. Involvement with kids is the most important thing in raising responsible individuals. Also, having an open communication channel is essential.

  6. We started to watch the Stranger Things yesterday & we enjoy it almost too much as it is very hard not to move on to the next part 🙂 At first I thought it will be too scary with few swear words & we skipped few steamier parts but we really like the story line. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Parents must learn these things in order to get themselves closer to their children. This article highlights some good area for parents

  8. I’ve heard so many great things about Strangers Things which intrigues me to watch. I will try to watch it over the weekend when time permits. Thanks for sharing.

  9. There’s been a lot of hype about Stranger Things but I’ve decided not to see it for one reason. I don’t like seasonal movies. I haven’t even seen GOT. Haha. Anyways, it’s good to not only watch movies but pick put lessons from them.

  10. I found the relationship between El and Hopper to be so special. And he wasn’t even her father. Parents should definitely learn from him and the ways he tried to communicate with her, even when she was being a pain.

  11. I haven’t seen the latest seasons of Stranger Things, but these points are awesome and very much needed. Trusting children is something that needs to be done more often.

  12. I don’t know anything about Stranger things but I do agree with all of the tips. I think finding a way to communicate is always the key ingredient.

  13. I love blog posts that are creative and a little bit different! This is a fab perspective on Stranger Things. If you are the parent of a small child, Netflix and Amazon become your lifesavers! Great post thanks for sharing

  14. Interesting post I love Stranger Things its a great show. The letter that Hopper wrote to El was heartbreaking and heart warming. I wouldnt like my kids to through what the shows kids went through!

  15. oh yes! totally agree! I keep on saying it is probably the best series ever to show how being close your kids is important, not less than gut feeling

  16. Love this show and your observations are spot on! Being there for our children and trusting them are two very important ingredients to raising healthy and loving adults who will be there for their own children. In this way, we can make the world a much better place for everyone!

  17. Definitely, give your children space as well as build a relationship where they trust you and whenever in some problem won’t hesitate to come to you.

  18. I have not watched stranger things. After reading your post I think I should start watching it and learn something else.

  19. Here’s where I admit I haven’t watched Stranger Things yet! It’s been on my watch list forever. I’ll have to get to it soon.

  20. I love this show! I am about halfway through the third season since we were out of town when it released. My boys are just about to go to bed so I can watch another episode or two tonight! I never thought much about the parenting lessons, but this all makes so much sense!!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Our 5 year is so fascinated with the term itself that he keeps drawing something to confirm how these things look like…… We also put him to sleep when we need to watch some adult stuff.

  21. As a first time mom to a toddler, I will sure save these tips. I already learned how important it is to trust her. Thank you for sharing btw.

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