How to be Christmas ready with Digital Christmas cards

Digital Christmas cards

I am sure with holiday season around the corner, most of your days are spent in planning gifts for family and friends. Gone are those days when we had to visit stores to stock up on Christmas presents for family and friends. With everything available simply on the click of a button online, purchase has not only added convenience but tremendous variety as well. This holiday season, I chose to go with digital Christmas cards for family and friends along with gifts from Amazon.

Last year I unfortunately missed sending Christmas Cards  to a  few of my close ones because of financial and time constraints but this year, with proper planning and great options available, I will manage to cover everyone.

I do know lot of people and sending separate greetings to everyone which from a time standpoint is not a viable option. Hence, this year, I will create my own digital greeting Christmas card. Obviously, it isn’t always easy to design a good Christmas card. I was looking for something that could showcase my efforts, be very unique & creative and at the same time has a very exclusive and personal touch.

Christmas is season of not only rejoicing but of reflection

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Preparing your Christmas cards

Since I am not a professional designer and lack experience on this front,  was planning to take a lot of time out to create a good digital greeting. To my delight, I found incredible Design Bundles available online and so decided to create two different Christmas cards. First one for family and friends with a lot of  personal words and second would be more professional and business like for acquaintances and business associates. Professional version of the greeting card can be easily sent to office colleagues as well. Card making does take a lot of time but with right graphics and fonts available in the design bundles, one can get the job done quickly.

I chose to pick-up something that is available easily and can give great results with very few add-ons. Out of tons of svgs samples available that include family quotes and Christmas themes, it took me less than an hour to come up with two different digital cards perfect for my needs. With quotes available online, I manage to create a two wonderful greeting cards that can be send to family and friends.

Now, the first question is obviously what an SVG is! It can be expanded into Scalable Vector Graphic which is a text-based graphics language that illustrates images with text, vector shapes and embedded raster graphics.

I did not know this language at since I am not a designer. It was an SVG sample that help me create a perfect design.

Efficiency tips

I did realize after creating Christmas cards that online design resources does make your job easy and quick. Most creative people aren’t too organized and keeping an eye on time is important. To save time while planning something creative, follow the tips below –

  • Have a schedule – Prepare a schedule at your end and follow it without fail. This helps to be more focused and achieve your goals before the deadline.
  • Prioritize your tasks – It is important to know what is urgent so high priority tasks can be done first. It is important to prioritize since this will cut your finishing time by nearly half
  • Minimize distractions – try to stay away from distractions. I always have a kid jumping around me. I am still learning to stay away mentally and be more focused towards completing tasks at hand.
  • Have your deadline sets – I always have my deadlines set. This help achieve my goals on time.
  • Keep water bottle handy – Creative people tend to get more focused while working and it is bad to get dehydrated. So a bottle of water is always helpful.
  • Track your thoughts – follow your thoughts while working
  • Enjoy it – Enjoy the process. Remember you are doing something new and exciting.
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Christmas cards

Disclaimer – This post if created in collaboration with Design bundles to motivate people to get creative and discover their ideas this holiday season with help of graphics and fonts available online at Design Bundles.

How to be Christmas ready with Digital Christmas cards
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9 thoughts on “How to be Christmas ready with Digital Christmas cards

  1. It’s amazing that the cards were not only professionally-looking but also very customizable; hence, you finally got some amazing digital cards with a personal touch. Now I find these more convinient.

  2. I used to send a lot of traditional paper cars for holidays, but since last year I am also sending digital cards. Is much better and more convenient, specially for my clients.

  3. You have really given me a great idea although giving someone a Christmas card is a little unconventional especially family members, business partners ans friends wouldn’t mind but that cant be said about family.. But all the same, its something to give a try.

  4. I still prefer to send cards through the mail, but digital would waste less paper. We still have family members that don’t have email though, but maybe I could do a mixture of both next year.

  5. You know what, I can’t remember the last time I sent a Christmas card to anyone. It is such a nice gesture, but it’s become quite obsolete, I think.

    These digital cards are so apt though. I will look into these. I know they will be perfect for friends and family who live far away.

  6. I think this is awesome. I would be able to make beautiful greeting cards by myself. When it comes to digital design, I always ask help from my son who is a computer engineer. This year, I won’t be bugging him for this task because I can make them myself! Thank you for your tips on how to stay organized with this project.

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