benefits of Binaural Beats

10 Backed benefits of Binaural Beats

There is a famous saying, “It is all in your head”. In this case, it is literally in your head. Before we dive in to benefits of Binaural beats and understand how experts talk about Binaural beats for meditation and binaural beats for studying, let us understand what are Binaural beats.

What are Binaural beats?

Binaural beats are an illusion caused by your auditory sense to make a third beat sound real. To explain it further, imagine you are listening to a song in a speaker with low frequency, At the same time, if you listen to the same tune at a slightly higher frequency, you might hear a third beat which is an illusion that makes you think that it’s real.

Expert and researchers started studying this a long time ago. Many breakthroughs on this subject have been reported and there have been a lot of advancements in the field. Many researchers have been trying to study binaural beats for meditation and sleep. They are used in therapies, self-healing tools, and more.

10 Benefits of binaural beats

Unlike other remedies, binaural beats doesn’t have any side effects which are yet known. If you listen to the beats at normal sound level, then it can really add value to to health. Lengthy exposure to sounds at or above 85 decibels can cause hearing loss over time. I always recommend taking advice from your doctor if you plan to use it for long term. I personally started listening to binaural beats before going to sleep during my deep breathing routine.

Looking to start a deep breathing routine to release stress and have a good night sleep, here are 7 Deep Breathing exercises.

Following are the few benefits of listening to binaural beats.

Helps the brain to harmonize

Binaural beats are helpful, relaxing and calming when you put on a pair of good earphones. When you listen to beats using a good headphone, you are most likely to hear the third beat. Your brain assumes this illusion, both right and left hemispheres of your brain sync together. This harmony kindles creativity and smartness. You would notice, people in stress are less creative. If you feel stuck and are looking for something out of box, may be it is time to breathe and relax.

Strengthens brain waves

A certain type of binaural beats are known to strengthen brain waves. An EEG (electroencephalogram) can record these signals. It is said that they impact five different brain waves that handle vital functions associated with the brain.

Ease anxiety and stress

The auditory illusion created by our brain listening while listening to the beats is not just limited to brain waves but also provides a lot of health benefits. It reduces anxiety and improves our memory as well. It focuses on improving an individual’s concentration and creativity level. It is possible because it involves and syncs both the hemispheres of the brain. It provides instant relaxation and also makes you focus on a particular activity without getting distracted.

Reduces aging of the brain

Researchers claim that listening to lower frequencies produces a pattern that matches the same one when you. This simply proves that binaural beats have a calming effect. This not only helps reduce stress but manages our anxiety levels.

You body would feel same pleasure and happiness that you achieve after meditation. Less stress and anxiety automatically enhances your brain health. The more you listen to these beats, you land up giving your brain a signal. Eventually your brain would get familiar with these frequencies and you will be able to beat stress.

I would recommend taking advice with you doctor if you plan to choose this as therapy. It is always good to speak to an expert who can monitor your health.

Put you to sleep

Studies have shown that frequencies of 6Hz in binaural beats trigger the brain and induce sleep easily. It is because you train your brain to a wavelength called theta or delta waves. It slows down the brain and eventually putting you to sleep. When you use a good pair of earphones to hear the beats in lower frequency, it gives you a calming effect and puts you to sleep. It is a benefit for people who have sleep concerns.

I have had sleep problems like forever. Irregular sleep patterns hamper my daily routine. I recently started using Binaural beats and It does help me calm my brain. At least my brain has stopped talking to me 🙂

Reduces the symptoms of depression

Binaural frequencies help people with anxiety. It also helps people suffering from symptoms of depression to stay motivated and overcome depression. Listening to binaural beats with alpha or delta waves can help people to elevate their depressed moods and calm them down. Music helps people with their moods, but these beats seem to have beneficial effects.

I personally feel that music has helped me a lot. Especially, when I am sad. Not everyone who is sad is depressed. It is important to know that feeling sad and tackling depression are two different situations. If you are depressed, please reach out for help.

Effect of binaural beats on human wellness


The best part about binaural therapy is that it serves multiple benefits for people looking for remedies. For instance, it helps a person with higher cognitive function also helps with concentrating on one particular thing. It relieves minimum anxiety for people and increases analytical thinking.

Increases productivity

If you have a hard time focusing on your studies, then this therapy might be your savior. Binaural beats for studying is known to help students. Listening to the beats with headphones improves a person’s concentration, attention to detail, cognitive function, and boosts memory power. When these benefits combine, you get a full-on productive session of learning. No more procrastination now!

Human welfare

There have been hardly any evidence that states side effects of binaural beats therapy and there seems to be tons of benefits. This can be a great remedy for all problems we face daily. Any simple remedy like this that gets people through their day should be recognized and amplified. In some cases experts recommend spending around 10 minutes daily listening to beats to tackle typical issues especially anxiety.

Holistic wellness

Binaural beats in itself are a self-healing tool. It will help you if you do right things the right way. Some experts believe that Binaural beats are great for people tackling mental illness. It is important to check few things before you start using these as therapy. For any therapy to work, you should have green light from your doctor or an expert. Second, make sure that you are doing any work that might risk your life while listening to the binaural and lastly, have all the equipment to experience this in the right way.

My thoughts

With growth in field of science and research benefits of binaural beats now have transformed into therapy. It is must to consult a professional before taking any kind of therapy. If you have had previous incidents of epilepsy, you must consult your health care providers. If you are going through the process, then look for any symptoms like headaches or boredom. This might be a negative impact and refrain from it. A holistic approach is all about calmness and positive attitude.

As mentioned before, there are hardly any side effects but the therapy is mostly at semi experimental phase. A finding of 2018, suggest that listening to binaural beats for a recommended period can affect a person’s subsequent behavior and sleep cycles. I would recommend using Binaural beats everyday but not for long hours. I like listening to it for short period of time everyday just to relax.

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benefits of Binaural Beats
Benefits of Binaural Beats

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