Pandoh Dam – beautiful and relaxing day out

Expansive view of Pandoh Dam

Pandoh dam is a popular place in Mandi that provides scenic views of the Pandoh reservoir and its surroundings. If you are looking to enjoy a scenic view on your next trip to Mandi, read on.

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Pandoh Dam

Pandoh dam is about 22 km from Mandi town and can be reached by hiring a cab or taking a bus from the city. You can also hire a driver to take you there.

The drive to Manali is quite scenic and beautiful, you could create lovely memories. Best part about this trip is that you Pandoh dam is on the way and you could catch the glimpse of it. It was quite a stimulating for us to simply look at it again. We were lucky this time to get a glimpse of it since tourists are not allowed to stop or click pictures but I couldn’t resist and clicked pictures from car itself.

Pandoh Dam
Pandoh Dam 

Pandoh dam has been running since 1977 as a barrier dam for Beas River in Mandi district and its purpose is to generate hydroelectric power. The water is used for power generation at the Dehar Power House before being discharged into the Sutlej River, connecting both rivers. The water of Beas are continuous flow from ice-melt and flow throughout the year and thus perfect for the hydro project. It took around 15 years for the Pandoh dam project to be completed.

It was surprising to know that Pandoh Dam project also increased the inflow to Gobind Sagar Lake thereby increasing power generation capacity at Bhakra dam. Bhakra Dam supplies electricity to multiple states particularly added irrigation waters for the states of Punjab and Haryana.

The place is always under radar and has tight security for obvious reasons.

Pandoh Dam
Pandoh Dam

You wouldn’t find anything around this dam except a small temple and a small tea shop run by locals. You could sit here for sometime. This is a great selfie spot for travel Influencers. It is amazing to see quite and calm water waves on one side of the dam while on the other side the water is following heavily and could take anything away in few seconds.

If you plan to go Manali, I would suggest to stop at the tea stall/shop (tea is not that good but the view more than makes up for it) on a sunny afternoon and enjoy the view of the water reservoir. It is just so amazing to keep looking at calmness of that huge water body and sipping hot tea.

Best time to visit Manali

It would be December-end, since I have never experienced snow or bad weather during this time you could enjoy some clean air, lovely sun and quirky shopping. All I could say it is such an astonishing site to look at how water has accumulated in such a vast quantity that it more than makes up for a tiring drive.


Pandoh dam is an artificial reservoir in the Kandi Valley of Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the highest and largest dams in India and also provides hydroelectric power to a few nearby villages. It is built over the Beas river, is a delightful place for you to spend a relaxing day out. It has become popular among tourists and locals for its scenic beauty and picnic spots.

Pandoh Dam – beautiful and relaxing day out
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54 thoughts on “Pandoh Dam – beautiful and relaxing day out

  1. I can only imagine how magnificent it must be. I will make sure to skip the tea while enjoying the views from that location.

  2. That dam is a sight to behold! I love how nature just surprises you with its beauty in places you never expect!

  3. These are beautiful scenes. I love picturistic views that are relaxing near water. I’ve never heard of this place. It looks like an excellent place to visit. I’m always exploring new places for future trips.

  4. Such beautiful photos! This is completely and utterly spectacular!
    I would love to go here so much. Thanks for sharing

  5. I was just wondering why you are not allowed to take pictures? Anyway, the dam looks so massive. And the views are fantastic! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  6. The dam and rivers , there is so much of rich resources here. My plans for Manali had been failing for years. Don’t know when I will go but when I do, I will surely visit the place you mentioned. It is surreal.

  7. I can see what you mean here. It is a pretty amazing view. Although kind of sad that the tea shop isn’t all that great. I love all of the amazing wonders you can find out there. Thanks for showing us.

  8. This is so cool! Hydroelectric Dams blow my mind a little bit, and this one has an awesome look to it too. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow it looks so calm here! I love hearing about places that arent as popular, but still deserve the recognition!

  10. Wow, those mountains are so gorgeous! It boggles my mind, these dams! I find it so strange yet amazing that they were man-made so long ago with such skill that they’re still around. stuff like that kills me!

  11. I always love reading about different places to visit around the world. The history is so interesting to learn.

  12. That view just makes me want to snuggle up in a cozy robe with a good book and some chai tea. How beautiful, thank you for sharing these views!

  13. I’ve been sooooo interested in visiting Pandoh dam ever since I l was a kid. I saw it in a movie once, and that was enough for me. Pandoh dam’s always been on my bucket-list. It just moved even higher up the chart

  14. “The tea is not that good but the view makes up for it” ha ha, that really tickled me! Joking aside, it looks like such a relaxing place to go.

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