Yakult side effects – It is probiotic or slow poison?

NOTE – The article has been updated on 19-Jan-2021 after communication with Yakult team. Yakult had raised a concern stating that the information shared is misleading. Based on the communication with Yakult, each Yakult side effect mentioned before 19-Jan-2021 on this link has been “countered” by an apparent scientific explanation and research. The intent of […]

Is your makeup safe? – Harmful ingredients in beauty products

Women will testify to the fact that our makeup makes us look extra beautiful giving an image of flawless beauty, glow and warmth to our personality. It makes us feel more confident and elegant when we walk out in a crowd. Our makeup box does not only fulfills our aspiration quotient but adds to our daily routine especially if one is a working woman. I can bet most […]

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