How to save money while shopping online

How to save money while shopping online?

Are you a shopping freak and looking for better discounts than what your nearby shops have to offer? If you are keen to know how to save money while shopping online then you have landed in the right place. You may end up saving a lot of amount by doing a little research.

Online shopping has caught up in a big way in the past few years, and this is the perfect platform for shoppers who are tired of going to those monotonous stores. Well, if you love to get major discounts without making much efforts, here we have some clever tips that can aid in saving money while you are shopping online.

Most of the people love shopping online than hitting the stores as it is much more convenient and benefits can be received just by a mere click.


Be an intelligent shopper who is aware of the ways to crack the deals in lesser money by giving a try to these ten effective ways related to online shopping.


Keep items that you like in your wish list

By keeping the items in your wish list, you’ll get regular emails, sending alerts when the price of the product drops. Though not every retailer uses price drop alerts, its quite common in email marketing. Do not forget to create an account on the shopping site to get regular alerts related to discounts. The site must be logged in with your cart to get regular alerts.

Shop incognito

Some of the websites may offer dynamic prices which may be based on your location and browsing history or many other related factors. On this basis, the site will recognize you as its old customer and this way the prices will be shown depending upon the customers.

Also, to get discounts, another trick is to use multiple email IDs, or phones of different persons to get the ‘first user’ discount.

Choose the right day

Throughout the weekend, there is a day where prices for the online product goes down; you need to keep a check, as the prices of the products keep varying on different days. Wednesday is the day for the discount seekers as price of most of the products is low on this day.

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Apply price comparison technique

Before choosing any product from a particular site, one should consider comparing the same article from various sites. You can chose a site where price of the product is relatively less. Though it may take some time, by conducting a proper scrutiny one can get assured discounts on the desired product.

Free shipping option

There are lots of sites that offer you a free delivery option. Also, there a lot of companies that give you an option of free delivery once you become a member of that site. So, you need to keep a check if you can save that penny on the logistics cost. 

Prefer using a credit card and other wallet methods

 There are a lot of e-retailers which offer more discounts if the product is bought using a specific credit card or through various wallet methods like Paytm, etc. Using these methods, you can even avail of the benefits of receiving cashback. So, before making the payment, check the options that give you more discount.

Use Ebates/Gopaisa every time you check out

Ebate is a website where you can avail the benefit of cash backs on most of the online purchases and couple them up with coupons. When you click on the check out button, it automatically gives you rebate. Also, you can add the coupon code to get a better discount before you finally submit your order. I personally use Gopaisa. Last month, I bought a new washing machine online and earned around INR 500 as cashback. Sign up here

Shop at home and pick the item from the store

If you are not getting a benefit of free shipping, you can order the item you want online and can pick it up from your nearby drug stores. Sometimes, you can even pick the item on the same day if the product is already in stock. This way, you can get rid of unnecessary shipping charges that add up to your product’s cost and affect your budget. 

“Buy now” offers

There are times when the market offers you a “buy now” offer wherein you can get significant discounts on instant purchases. In this category, you can avail discounts of up to 60%. By buying the product instantly or on the same day you can get such discounts which might not be availed otherwise. 

Sign-up for the newsletter 

Most of the people may avoid retail newsletter on their personal ids from different retailers but would still be interested in knowing about better discounts and offers. For this purpose, they can maintain a separate email id only for the retail newsletters and check it out whenever they decide to buy from those retails. Also, most of the companies tend to send you quick discounts of 40%-50%, as and when you sign up.

When it comes to Money, it is vital to manage efficiently. Generally, most of the money spent is on buying clothes, grocery items and cosmetics which are nowadays bought online. Also, do not forget to check the authenticity of the platform you are buying from for a better shopping experience. 

It is advised not to live on credit cards unless you can really pay the amount without too much of a hassle. These hacks will let every serious online shopper avail the benefits of cash backs and discounts. Using these trips and tricks, one can save money while shopping online, but it is really very crucial to get stick to your budget and clearly differentiate between your must-haves and wish list. 

So, go through all these ways that can help you save a great deal of money. After all,  you might have heard this popular phrase,” Money saved is Money earned.”

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How to save money while shopping online
How to save money while shopping online
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12 thoughts on “How to save money while shopping online?”

  1. I do a lot of shopping online, i end up buying 100 or 200 euros of worth items. Impulsive purchasing is an issue for me. Thank you for the tips.

  2. That’s a wealth of info in your blog post! People may act on impulse, buying things without proper consideration and planning.

  3. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    These are very credible tips to save money. I don’t usually shop online but if I do, I will have to keep these tips in mind. It sure looks like it will save me some cash!

  4. All these tips are valuable. And really, what’s most important when you’re shopping online is that you are not trigger happy. My mom is like that, and it’s so funny, but also quite annoying because she complains.

    Recently there’s this app here in the Philippines that gives you rebates for every purchase you make through them. I haven’t used it but isn’t it amazing?

  5. These are really smart ways of saving money while shopping online. I personally do lots of research, compare prices, opt for the cheapest and go and pick up at the store. Great post.

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