How to save on Diapers?

While planning to welcome our little one in our lives, we have to be careful about our money spending decisions. During this article I will try to cover basics of how I saved good money on diaper purchases. If you start planning ahead while pregnant and give thought on buying in volume it will not only help you save but also get well prepared.

We all need diapers and let’s be honest, they are pretty expensive. Trick is to capitalize on various sales online and in store. One big way to capitalize on online discounts is to buy baby products in bulk. Almost all web portals discount at a larger price.

Before we jump in where to buy, we need to estimate how many diapers would be needed approximately in a week or a month. Based on a small research done at our end, we roughly estimated about how many diapers would be a baby girl/boy would need in a year and this could help you during purchase.

Estimate Diaper usage for 12 months — Baby Girl (weight 2.5kgs – 3.5kgs)*

New born – 230 diapers
Small – 200 diapers
Medium – 670 diapers
Large – 700 diapers

Estimate Diaper Usage for 12 months for bay boy (weight 3Kgs – 4kgs)*

New born – 250 diapers
Small – 250 diapers
Medium – 650 diapers
Large – 1000 diapers

*These are rough estimates. You can choose to buy diapers every three months to save on bulk purchase, brand discounts etc. like I did.

Things to consider before you plan to buy

  1. Size of the diaper – Check each brand properly. In my opinion chose Pampers since other brands we tested were a bit small with less absorbent power
  2. Packet Size – choose right packet size as they come in various sizes of 50 apiece, 70 etc.
  3. Consider your budget well – based on your budget, plan whether to buy it quarterly or annually.
  4. Aim at per diaper cost – you should aim to get a low per diaper cost. This will give you a good comparative estimate on each brands price.
  5. Check where to buy – e-commerce portal or some retails shops will definitely give you better deals. Some e-commerce portals also give subscription discounts which could help you save additional 5% – 10 %
    Based on experiences shared by few moms, I recommend Amazon and Firstcry. Amazon runs frequent deals and also gives additional 5%-10% off. Firstcry also offers guaranteed saving on different brands. Amazon usually gives around 30% discounts, you can buy them here


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