importance of craft in education

Importance of craft in education

Disclaimer – This piece is drafted as my entry for Tingaland MUMFLUENCER AWARDS 2021.

Our coming generations have a lot to handle when it comes to education and competition in the various industry. With growth and new opportunities, it is all the more important for children to learn at early age. younger minds can learn and grasp things quickly if pushed correctly. Importance of craft in education is now more than ever since children not only learn but tend to get more innovative.

Crafts and different forms of art should be mandatory in the school curriculum to create a wholesome experience for the students. However, the importance of craft in education is mostly underplayed in our society. It is about time we start giving crafts, due importance as it brings out the hidden talents among children, stimulates their goals into achieving important milestones, and sharpens their skills.

People restore their artistic skills when they grow older, as arts and crafts are known for their therapeutic and calming effects. Rather, if the importance of craft in education is given its due importance in the curriculum, it can add a lot of value addition in the child’s life. 

Craft is not just about entertainment, rather, it plays a crucial role in the early development and education of children. Let’s delve deep and find out why craft is quintessential in today’s educational system.

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What is the importance of craft in education?

Children learn and grasp things better through creativity. In the earlier education system, craft classes were mandatory for students, and both students and teachers gave it equal importance.

However, the current education system emphasizes more on academics, neglecting crafts and other forms of extracurricular activities. This is due to sheer negligence about the contribution of crafts in a student’s life. So, what is the importance of craft in education, and why it is necessary to have it deployed right from the early stages?

It keeps children away from screens

Creating crafts using clay, paper, sand, and other materials paves way for children for experimenting, learning, and staying occupied without being engaged in non-productive activities like gaming. That said, crafts are a much-needed substitute to keep children engaged in a healthy activity thus reducing their dependency on electronic devices.

It enhances their social skills

Crafts and arts connect people from different parts of the world together. It can foster friendships, bring like-minded children together, and in the process, they can learn stuff in real-time and explore different options. Showcasing and talking about their craft to others can improve their communication skills. Thus, the importance of craft in education is reiterated and is crucial for children to be socially active. It encourages them to come out of their comfort zones and explore their innovations.

Improves motor skills

Craft creation involves the continuous movement of hands for holding and molding different materials. This constant activity helps in developing and strengthening muscles and supports motor skills. Hand-eye coordination is also widely improved in the process.

Strengthens visual learning

Painting, sketching, and sculpting not just improve a child’s knowledge of spatial relations, but also helps in enhancing their visual skills. As they make crafts that are correlated and specific, using different objects that are thin or thick, on smooth or rough surfaces, they better understand the concepts of size, distance, and textural differences. These are better understood with practical implementation rather than with textbook references.

Helps develop self-esteem

Self-esteem is about being positive about your self-worth. Once the child realizes they can do crafts on their own, they’d feel happy and good about themselves. Crafts will also make them learn from their mistakes and make new ideas from the mistakes. Thus, the art of craft making will be extremely helpful in facing challenges in the long run.

These are a few of the factors that insist on the importance of craft in education.

Why is craft important in education?

Craft and art activities help in instilling a sense of pride and achievement among students, thereby boosting their self-confidence. Creativity plays a major role in crafting as the child must first mentally design the craft in mind before laying their hands on it. Thus, it helps nourish creativity.

Children, most of the time, express their emotions, be it their aspirations, future dreams, their relationship with the family, and their difficulties through art and craft. Therefore, we can better understand their state of mind through their craft works. This will also boost their self-confidence and enhance their decision-making skills. Craft plays a major role in education for the kids can learn about different shapes and colors through crafts and arts and as well gain familiarity with patterns and figures.

In the process of making crafts, children need to measure different sizes and shapes and this will help them master their mathematical skills. As they grow up, they can count and measure things more accurately. Craft, apart from all the above benefits, also acts as an important attribute in boosting a child’s academic performance. Therefore, it is the right time for the schools to realize the importance of craft in education.

In craft there are no mistakes, just unique creations, here

Benefits Of Crafts

A well-designed craft is not just attractive but will also help children in making their own decisions. Lack of decision-making skills is becoming an emerging fact of concern for many adults out there. Therefore, it is important to foster this skill among children right from their early stages. Some of the key benefits of crafts are:

  • Trains both hands and eyes
  • Encourages productivity
  • Trains in manual dexterity
  • Cultivates artistic feeling
  • Trains in good taste and neatness
  • Promotes reusability of materials

Crafts help in developing an appreciation of visual functions and aesthetics among children, which are the elements for their overall development.


Crafting is the art of making or curating things using our hands. While both children and adults enjoy doing crafts, it does a great impact on students. It helps in the overall development of the brain among children, which is a vital factor for a growing child. Children, in general, do not hold a strong vocabulary. However, arts and crafts can help them express their feelings and emotions in the right way. Through this, we can better understand a child’s mental health and communicate with them.

Crafts also trigger creativity and imagination among children. In recent days, children are said to lack creativity as they spend most of their time with an electronic device. Therefore, it is our duty as parents and teachers, that we insist on the importance of craft in education and redirect the students on the right path.

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16 thoughts on “Importance of craft in education

  1. This is true. I wish schools could also spend more time on craft activities. It is so much better than looking at screens all day.

  2. Doing crafts is not just to kill time or a hobby, but also a source of many skills. When I was working in corporate, we also use arts and crafts in our group trainings and seminars coz it works, helps the participants to gain social skills and how to work as a team.

  3. I think crafts help develop your child’s creativity. It also helps in solving problems as you will encounter some difficulties eventually in finishing your crafts. It also tests the child’s patience.

  4. You are so RIGHT… Crafts and the arts make such a big difference. I try my best to get my kids involved in arts and crafts. It was a lot easier when they were little, but they still enjoy doing them from time to time.

  5. I agree to all your points. Crafts should always have a place in education or even if kids are just studying at home.

  6. I absolutely love this. I think people too often forget that the mental and physical are tied together. It’s been proven that children learn better in hands-on situations.

  7. I love this! Both of my boys do a lot of crafty things in their classrooms, even outside of the designated art class at school. It helps in so many ways, especially for those like my youngest who have trouble focusing on worksheets and similar work all day long.

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