Boost your kids creativity with these 8 tips

Kids Creativity

Parenting is a beautiful yet challenging thing. You get to guide, nourish and celebrate your little kids’ growth. Kids have their imagination and thoughts; we should not meddle in the way of them getting creative in the name of parenting. Be a guide and a mentor by encouraging your kids and not by putting them down. So, boosting your kids creativity is not just about enrolling them in a particular class that teaches them to be creative. It is rather about creating an environment that naturally makes them think.

The things you create for them to get comfortable in a space and give an atmosphere to think are the best you can do for their creative growth. Do not encourage the idea of force-feeding anything in the name of children creativity. If your child is comfortable in a particular environment, the creative juices will flow automatically. So, if you want your child to be a creative thinker to have a brighter future, and then read on to learn the top tips to increase their creativity level.

Mess is good sometimes

Children often play, and they create something that will look like a mess, but you know what? They are comfortable making that mess, and it is known as being creative, so if your child wants to draw something on the wall, let them do it, this means that they are getting creative, and the mess will turn into some art when they grow up. The only thing here is that they should feel comfortable creating something even if it means a messy room. Instead, they should not feel threatened or scared about their parents. You must be able to create a safe and creative environment for increasing or cultivating your kids creativity.

A place of their own

When you create a place for them to walk around freely and do their work. It will be beneficial for them to feel free and get creative. A kid generates new ideas and comes up with a lot of creative stuff. Keep enough resources in the particular room, which prompts them to use them creatively. Be it Lego or costumes that they might put on for some role play. You can put together stuff they enjoy creating. If you feel like they are making a mess that you cannot handle, then encourage them to clean it up on their own. This also plants a sense of responsibility with children creativity.

Encourage discussions

Instead of turning down your kid when they come up with some ideas, you can have a healthy discussion and deal with the topic from almost all angles possible. It will also increase the communication flow between parents and children. Let them enough space to agree or disagree if their ideologies are not going the right way, correct them politely and try not to be bossy or condescending. Make them feel the sky is the limit. Let them build or draw something of their own. Let them create a new universe and write a story, anything for the kids creativity leverage.

Cherish the process and not the result

When you praise your child only when they are creative, it might reduce their process of creative thinking. They will not take things seriously unless you praise them. It is not healthy behavior and the reason why parents should be with the child and encouraging, even if they take an additional step towards exploring new ideas.

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Keep away blue light

Television and entertainment companies let the children have fun and learn a decent amount. But the existing fictional figures and toys do not encourage them to imagine or create a superhero of their imagination (for instance). It affects kids creativity levels. Not that easy to avoid gadgets altogether, but reduce screen timings on the phone, TV, computer. Instead, ask them to ponder over the ideas they read in some book or better give them an excellent book to read.

Give a pat for little things

Praising a kid for creative ideas alone is not recommended, but parents’ love and rewards will boost children creativity and confidence. Don’t ignore the little things they mention or create. Acknowledge them equally any other big ideas. These little things are the proof that their mind has turned into a creative threshold.

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You are the start

Your children will follow your kids creative activities, they observe you and try to replicate you, so when you immerse yourselves in your phone your child will want to do it, but when you pick up a book, you are enriching your knowledge and as well as cultivating an interest in your child too. So, all good things start from the parents, it is better if you realize it and start comfortably focusing on kids creativity. Remember, the children will follow your actions.

It all starts at home

Your child’s creativity increases more at your home, but it is not something that you can force. Create a peaceful environment for your kids creativity and make them feel comfortable to share their ideas, how different they might be. Every good thing starts at home. The kids should feel welcome and happy to share their thoughts and actions. It is a great way to guide your kids towards a healthy and bright future. Through this entire process, the kid will find his/her passion easily in the future.


It is never too late to teach your kid to be creative. It helps them grow to be better individuals. It boosts their self-confidence and makes them think out of the box. When you have two or more kids in a house, it is essential to indulge them in kids creative activities that will be helpful for children creativity and provoking new thoughts. It should be informative and engaging. Create a protected environment for the child to learn and play. After all, it is all part of growing up, and let them do it their way and be creative.

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Boost your kids creativity with these 8 tips
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14 thoughts on “Boost your kids creativity with these 8 tips

  1. Yes I agree! Kids should be allowed to be creating and it is OK if they make a mess. There should be a set time during the day weekend when the entire family does something creative together.

  2. When I was an English teacher, I used to love encouraging the children to be creative through playing games or arts and crafts. It’s a great way to learn and boost confidence.

  3. Ah, nice tips. Kids can be creative and enhancing their creativity should really be encouraged. And it totally makes sense that it starts from home. I couldn’t agree more.

  4. I agree with you that it all starts at home and we can be role models to them. This is the main reason why we have regular crafting sessions on weekends with my girls.

  5. Wonderful! These tips can be used for just about anyone to be honest. I resonate most with having a space specifically for creativity.

  6. Great article on the tips to increase kids’ creativity. I have also read that it is sometimes good to leave to be bored so that they come up with their own creative ideas to play. Encouragement and a pat is very important and yes it all starts at home.

  7. Both my children are adults so as a parent I thought it was important to have enough creative material at home that will encourage them to be adventurous. As teenagers, it was equally important for them to get accustomed to technology or as you call it the blue light.

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