Kids playroom ideas

7 stunning kids playroom ideas – safe to play and learn

It is responsibility of every parent to create a safe environment for their children. For children to grow it is important for parents to introduce a safe and healthy environment that could enhance their learning and social skills. I manage to collate some stunning kids playroom ideas that could add value to your child’s growth

One of the challenges parents deal with is to keep their children entertained and contented. In this post, we’ll be talking about the types of kids playrooms and the use of carpets and rugs as a means of creating a secure, safe and also entertaining play areas.

The rugs and carpets designed for kids and play areas have evolved and improved with time. They are manufactured keeping in mind durability and safety of children. Previously, mostly all rugs and carpets were quite difficult to manage but with new evolved manufacturing and technology, it is easy to clean and maintain them. With Carpet cleaners, cleaning has become efficient and quick.  

Kids playroom ideas based on child’s habits

The alphabet Room

The alphabets themed play room is one among the great kids playroom ideas for children who enjoy writing and reading. As parents, you can make use of alphabet cards, alphabet toys and word games to entertain your kids. You may also have noticed that most children absorb and retain information from their play. With alphabets around them it would be easy for children to learn and grow. They will be able to grasp more and their basics become clearer.  

The Puzzle Room

I personally love the idea of a puzzle room. I was grown up playing lot of puzzles and I still love them. This is a kids playroom ideas for children. You can keep children entertained through the day. Adding simple puzzles on the wall and decorating the room with kids puzzle is another thing that can enhance ambiance of the room. You could also keep some puzzle rugs and add lot of puzzle games and building blocks. This is a great way to motivate your child to play and enhance creativity. This would also help your child to learn to pay with anything or everything available. I know a 3 year old who can play with even a cardboard and make herself entertained all day long. 

The Artist Room

Do you know that all child are artist in their own way! Just give those colours and sheets of plain paper or listen to them and I am sure most parents could create their own Harry Potter series. I am sure when you step out to buy anything related to children, you would find colourful things around. An artistic room theme is a best for kids to grow. You can use decor that is colourful which is easily available including carpets and rugs. You could have a place allocated for your child in the room where he/she could play with colours, mix them and learn. This not only enhances creativity but is a great way for children to express themselves. You may notice that children who express themselves are more confident and clear with thoughts.

Good child behavior isn’t magic! it’s a skill like anything else.

Read more about grumpy attitude in children, here

The Numbers Room

Mathematics is big fear for children but imagine a child who can play with numbers at young age. Isn’t it great to see your child growing with clear basics. A number or rather Mathematics themed room could boast your child’s mental ability to grasp numbers. You can introduce your child with basic toys related to numbers and eventually keep adding complex games that could add value when it comes to juggling numbers. A lot of children learn basic addition and subtraction in an easy way if they are good with numbers.  

The Sports Room

Health is wealth! A sports room is great for a child who is active and loves to play. A sport theme room could keep your child motivated and focus towards sports. You could choose to have a football field, baseball and multi sports-themed children decor based on your child’s interest. You may also find rugs and carpets related to this theme. A sport theme room will motivate your child and allow your child to have a goal in life, like sports players. An inclination towards sports is great for health.

Most parents enrol their child to sports activities for them to be able to expel energy and stay more positive. 

The Animal Room

It is crucial for children learn about nature and how they can add value in keeping this world a better place. If you love animals and you notice an inclination in your child towards animals then you should let your child learn more them. You can then look at animal theme rooms with animal printed rugs, animal games and toys can create a beautiful play. You can easily find animal related storybooks. You can also allow your children watch some educational DVD’s or perhaps let them read animal-related storybooks.

Music / Dance Theme room

I am sure most parents would love to raise a music or dancing star!! This room is perfect for child who are interested and enjoy these activities. Dancing and singing are great profession these days and can allow child to gain lot of exposure. If you aim to grow a music sensation or DJ, then allow your child to grow in that environment. 

It is important to give your children an environment where they can learn and grow. Aim at getting safe and easy to clean stuff in your child’s room. If it is easy to maintain and durable then it makes your life easy as well. Grow your child in unique environment that could allow him to learn and grow. 

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Kids playroom ideas
Kids playroom ideas
Kids playroom ideas
Kids playroom ideas
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35 thoughts on “7 stunning kids playroom ideas – safe to play and learn

  1. It is important to se the tone. I love the idea of making a sports theme. I know my children would love to do that one too.

  2. All of these are great ideas! My daughter s getting ready to redo my granddaughter’s bedroom. I’ll be sure to share the post with her.

  3. If I were a kid I’d definitely love the artist and the puzzle room. I loved puzzles when I was growing up and I still do, actually. I also love doing all kinds if artwork.

    K think it is important for parents to find their children’s strength so that they may develop them.

  4. My boys have a playroom but it doesn’t have much of a theme other than bright colors. My boys jump around from one thing to another so we didn’t do a theme. But we are about to make some changes in our office and their playroom, and it will have a bunch of board games since that’s what we enjoy the most!

  5. That’s some great ideas there, not a mum (but was a Nanny to several children over the years), the puzzle room sounds like a great idea for stimulating the abstract side of the brain (probably would be my personal fave just for myself – I love puzzles of all kinds).

    Agree 100% that it’s the responsibility of the parents/caregiver to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for children to learn and grow in.

  6. Absolutely agree with you that it is responsibility of every parent to create a safe environment for their children. Awesome tips!

  7. What a comprehensive list of ideas for designing kids playroom! The first step of nurturing starts with providing a safe and positive environment and what could be better than designing a room with a theme!

  8. I don’t have kids but these sound like great rooms for kids spend their time learning and expanding their imagination. My favorites are the art and music and dance rooms. Those would have been my go-tos!

  9. Love these ideas, after raising three kids each one had a different room theme to match their personality. But if I had to do all over again I would choose and educational theme to help give them an advantage. Love these ideas!

  10. This is so genius: providing playrooms for kids based on their habits and interests. Parents should really embrace this because it also helps to improve their performance and creativity. My younger brother would really appreciate the artist’s room because he just loves drawing.

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