Kunja Villa

The Kunja Villa and Spa resort, Bali Seminyak

The Kunja Villa and Spa

is an interesting little “villa only” resort located in the Seminyak area of Bali. This formed the base for our Bali trip and it was thoroughly enjoyable from beginning till the end. Cleanliness was incredible, ambiance fantastic and the Kunja villa gave us memorable moments to last a lifetime.

Kunja Villa

Location and check-in

Upon reaching from the airport which is a short drive from this Kunja villa in Seminyak, we weren’t sure what to expect since we had never stayed in a villa with a private pool. Check-in was smooth and the reception was cute but small and since we were used to large expansive lobby’s, was bit of a letdown. We then asked about leisure activities, all they had was a spa so we were a bit despondent while making our way towards the villa. And that is when the villa door opened😊.


To write that we were stunned will be a complete understatement. Not sure how the others are placed but this particular Kunja villa was huge in size with the most incredible and clean pool inside, a fully stocked kitchen (where we had a chef come in every morning to prepare a customized breakfast for us), a huge bathroom with separate shower and bath area and a very powerful music system.

To write that we were in indulgent heaven will also be an understatement. The most amazing part was that it came at nearly 1/4th the cost of any such category villa in India. The cleanliness, ambience and proximity to small shopping areas and restaurants where we could shop for snacks, drinks etc made this a truly memorable stay. I still remember sitting near that super clean pool sipping on one of their delicious lemon based beer and thinking that life could not possibly get any better that this Bali Villa. Mosquitoes was a problem we were not prepared for in terms of nastiness of the bites (we have our own toughened mosquitoes in India after all  and felt the puny little creatures in this Bali Villa will be no match, big mistake) but bug spray etc made this a non issue.


This is one area where this Kunja villa needs some improvement. The staff, although very well intentioned, had a bit of an English language issue which was surprising as out of all the Bali Villa’s we reviewed prior to selecting The Kunja, this issue never came up. Nevertheless, all issues were resolved promptly and management assured us more training will be imparted to the staff.

Kunja Villa


Our main food intake in this Kunja villa was breakfast which was customized and prepared for us every morning by our personal chef. It was quite good, particularly the scrambled eggs and frankly, this personal touch was quite lovely in itself to give food an extra bounce for us. We’ve had better buffets elsewhere but this was quite a unique experience.

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7 thoughts on “The Kunja Villa and Spa resort, Bali Seminyak

  1. I dream of vacationing in Bali! It is so beautiful it looks like paradise. Thanks for sharing your review of the Kunja Villa Spa. I will make sure that I reserve a room there if I get the chance to fly to Bali!

  2. You had me at spa and Bali! Bali is on the top of my bucket list, but I’m deathly afraid of the expense. I’ll get over it soon and now I have somewhere to stay while there!

  3. I want to go to Bali one day. I definitely like the resort experience on vacations, because it relieves the stress of trying to figure everything out on your own. I really like the touch of the personal chef.

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