Luna2, Seminyak Bali

Luna2, Bali – Gastronomic delight

If you are planning to visit the island of forested volcanic mountains, Bali, then Luna2 is your place to stay. Luna2 Bali is located in the heart of fashionable Seminyak just a few steps from the beach.

We visited Bali last year October and enjoyed every bit of it. Here is a quick review of a gastronomic adventure with excellent personalized service.


Navigation was a bit tricky (it is in Bali’s main Seminyak region, very close to the beach and also very close to the Four Seasons Hotel. You have to take a small winding road to the hotel which seems right out of a horror movie but is great for evening walks and also very safe. My wife and I had a great time walking at 12.00am in semi dark alleys: The main entrance actually looks a bit like a side entrance, but upon entering, we were in for several consecutive pleasant surprises.

Luna 2

Food & Drink

The welcome drink which, apparently, is their signature cocktail is nice. It was accompanied with a lovely chocolate sweet. This welcome was amazing! Their mixologist (yes they had a mixologist) made such a delicious Bloody Mary for me that I have not been able to forget its taste till now, We’ve had breakfast spreads in quite a few hotels. This was probably the best and most delicious my wife and I have ever eaten till date (yes actually that good)! Their fish “main course” was the best fish I have ever had and my only request is for  Luna2 Bali (Luna2 Studiotel) to add some dishes as choices in “a la carte” are too few.


glimpse of breakfast

The initial “meet and greet” was very nice and homely and we actually got to watch a movie “gold class” in their personal cinema hall ( yes, Luna2 Bali has its own movie theatre) while the babysitter took care of our little dude (Ayu was her name and till date, the best best babysitter we have ever met, period!). First time I had a fantastic Bloody Mary while watching a movie in a cinema hall:). The Beach is a very short walk away and is gorgeous.


Luna2 Bali space theme rooms are quirky and wonderfully designed with a few surprises thrown in here and there. Beds was incredibly comfortable to the point where we simply didn’t want to get up in the morning. Most comfortable pillows we’ve ever slept on and if we had larger bags would’ve carried at least one with us without any shame.  Wifi also had great connectivity.

Luna2 Bali Room


I’ll give an example of how accommodating the service is. Our son was sick and we couldn’t walk down to the breakfast buffet. Their staff actually brought each item of the buffet to us in our room! Never seen any other hotel in the world do that in all our years holidaying. The staff is excellent and very well trained and our sendoff was again very personal and homely. Great experience and we will definitely stay here whenever in Bali, no question about it.

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18 thoughts on “Luna2, Bali – Gastronomic delight”

  1. everyone seems to go or wanna go and I have just booked mark this, so interesting & different, LOVE unique looks, continue making this blog great!!! x

  2. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Wow. A hotel with their very own movie theater! That’s fantastic! I have not traveled to Asia yet, but I would love to someday. Hopefully, when plans push through I will make sure we set up our accommodations at the Luna2.

  3. This is an Amazing review. Never expected to find this in Bali as it does not fit with the style But it is refreshing to see something new. Love the fact that the staff are competent and professional. Always at hand to make your stay not only comfortable but enjoyable. Will definitely add this hotel to my list.

  4. Bali is definitely on my list of places to visit. Thanks for letting me know about this place. I do love the look of the rooms that they have there. Just so cool and unique.

  5. Luna2 looks like such a wonderful place to stay. It has a little something for everyone. Great food, comfy rooms, and great service. How sweet of them to bring the buffet to you! x

  6. I have to say that Luna 2 is definitely different to what you would expect from Bali but that is why I like it. I love the retro decor and the food looks good as well!

  7. It sounds like you had a wonderful visit to Bali. I’m sure it is a memory that will last for life. Not only a beautiful and interesting place to visit but an awesome place to get delicious food.

  8. Sreekar Harinatha

    Was in Legian the last time around. As tone’s throw away from Seminyak. Will surely check out luna next time we go in there!

  9. Bali has its own charm, its already on my bucketlist. I would really visit this city in the near future and propably get this wonderful hotel. thanks a lot for sharing.

  10. Mallami Adekunle

    It looks like paradise from here… I’ll be sure to keep this in mind whenever I finally get to visit that side

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