Parents are Tracking Kids’ Location for their Safety?

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Many parents prefer walking their children to school every morning to ease their concern. However, it cannot be continued as kids would want to make the trip by themselves as they would grow older. The teens and tweens above the age of 10 do not feel comfortable being treated by their parents as younger children. Also, it restricts them from learning and gaining experiences on their own.  

As a solution, many parents have started electronically tracking their kids’ trips to school and other places. It allows them to keep track of their children’s locations even remaining away from them. According to a recent research, almost one in five children has a tracking device that is tracked by their parents. The same research found that one in three children is not willing to be monitored by their parents.

What the researchers found about tracking kids’ location

In a poll conducted by Royal Children’s Hospital, parents were asked if the use of tracking device make them feel more comfortable to allow their kids to travel without supervision of an adult. Almost 88 percent parents responded agreeing. Around 87 percent parents said they feel reassured about their kids’ safety by tracking their location.

Around 67 percent said that their children feel more secure knowing that their parents are aware of their location. Almost 31 percent parents said that their children do not want their parents to use tracking device. Around 19 percent said that their partners are not agreeing on tracking the location of our kids.  However, many parents are still investigating pros and cons of electronic tracking.

What are the right tools to track kids’ location?

Remaining aware of kids’ location is not enough in some cases. You cannot protect your children from stranger dangers even if you are using electronic tracking device. If your kid has encountered with a bully, predator or any other difficult situation like crossing a road or passing through unsafe zones, just knowing their location cannot provide them needed support. Tracking Kids’ Location

Monitoring and tracking can help only when you use the right tools. There are several tracking devices and applications that allow parents to track their kids’ trips. However, not every device or software can ensure the safety of your children. After reviewing the most popular tracking apps, we have found the best application for child monitoring.

TheOneSpy is one of the most reliable tracking apps intended for parents to remotely supervise the activities of their children. It is a powerful tracking tool that does not just keep you updated about the exact GPS location of your kids but also lets you know what they are doing online and offline.

How the multifunctional location tracking app work

TheOneSpy is a android phone spy app that works differently than other tracking devices. You can install the app on the cell phones of your kids and start tracking without letting them know. The app works in stealth mode and cannot be detected on the cell phone. It helps you ensure the safety of your kids without being helicopter parents.

The tracking application lets you monitor and manage the mobile phones of children via online control panel. After installation of the spy app on the smartphone of your kid, you do not need to access that phone again. You can monitor and control that phone via online portal of the spy app. If you want to see the current location of your kid, you can simply sign into the online portal to see their current GPS location and the complete detail of their trips.

What stands this tracking tool out than the rest is its ability of surround monitoring. It lets you see what is happening in the vicinity of the monitored mobile phone. Also, you can listen to the conversations made in the surroundings of the device. It helps protect your children from bullies, predators and other dangers prevailing in the adult world.

The Bottom Line

The use of wisely selected tracking tools can help protect children from the potential dangers in the real and digital world. While tracking is important, it is also crucial to get your kids learn the skills to encounter a difficult situation. They must know how they can ensure their security when they are not being supervised by their parents.     

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Parents are Tracking Kids’ Location for their Safety?
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7 thoughts on “Parents are Tracking Kids’ Location for their Safety?

  1. It might feel like a violation of trust when you decide to spy or install something like this on your child’s phone without them knowing. The statistics already says that most kids feel okay with their parents knowing their whereabouts so why not be transparent and talk to your children about this.

  2. while i would not spy on my kids, it definitely helps me when i know where they are at times (especially if they are walking or biking by themselves to any destination).. so just a location tracker for me would give me a peace of mind while keeping track of what they actually do – i am hoping they are doing the right things because we have taught them so all this time 🙂 having said that, my 16 yo has a phone while my 13 yo – not yet..

  3. I had a tracker on my Daughters phone when she started Secondary school and was travelling to school and back on her own and out in town with her friends on a Saturday afternoon. It gives great peace of mind x

  4. I understand the concern for safety but at the same time I would not spy on my child. He is 8 right now and he will not get a cell phone until he absolutely needs one. This will hopefully be when he gets his first job so maybe 14 years old. He does not need a phone at this age and therefore I wouldn’t even be able to use this type of stuff. While I respect everyone’s opinions and their decisions for their own children, this will be mine. That being said I will always want him safe. The world is not like it was when I was growing up so he may just have to deal with me or my husband dropping him off for awhile 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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