Provee, tasty healthy protein snacks

Provee, tasty healthy protein snacks – Colossalumbrella

My family prefers to stay away from packaged food since we believe in healthy snacking. It has been a constant challenge to find a good dietary supplement that could add value to what we eat. #Provee

Last week, I was offered samples from Provee and to my surprise it worked out extrement well for us.

#healthy protein snack

Health has always been a top priority for me when it comes to food and introducing something new to my husband is another challenge all together. When I received samples, I wasn’t expecting that I would add them to my grocery list but amazingly had too!

My husband has a travelling job and he tends to grab something that can be easily consumed. A supplement like Provee is perfect for this requirement.

There is constant need to balance our diet and there are tons of health products that aim to do so. Most of them fail miserably either on the health or taste front. Provee bridges that and brings what is best for taste and health.

Provee has introduced India’s first high protein tasty nut spread. Provee launched products with a near perfect blend of health and taste. This creates a good balance between what people want and what they need.

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A recent press release, they quoted “Provee has become the highest recommended solution by doctors to a protein deficient diet. Proudly introducing Provee’s first line of products – 100% Natural, Gluten Free, Low Carb High Protein Spreads that add a punch of over 10G protein in your meals per serve. It adds a touch of diversity to your regular supplements by giving you proteins in a way that is snackable and spreadable!” Thought it was all a gimmick till we actually tasted it for ourselves. 

Provee is currently available in three natural flavour
  • Protein Peanut Spread Original 
  • Protein Peanut Spread Double Chocolate
  • Provee Protein Peanut Spread Choco-Hazelnut

We tasted both double chocolate and peanut spread choco-hazelnut. They were both tasty and fun to eat. We love chocolate so we preferred Protein Peanut Spread Double Chocolate over Choco-Hazelnut. We largely focus on a healthy diet and now Provee is part of it for sure.

Provee, tasty healthy protein snacks

Provee, tasty healthy protein snacks

Provee will be launching more products soon and I will definitely will be on a look out.

If you have tasted let me know your thoughts. If not, then order Provee today. Click here to order

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14 thoughts on “Provee, tasty healthy protein snacks – Colossalumbrella

  1. Curious what the sugar content and source is for this product? Always looking for additional way of getting enough protein, but don’t want to add too much sugar.

  2. Thank you for the review. I did not know about Provee and I am interested to have some. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for the recommendation! I haven’t tried these yet – but will now. Getting enough protein is a challenge for me and I could eat chocolate and hazelnuts all day – and peanut spreads most of the day 😉

  4. Choco-hazelnut spreads are a favorite. I have not tried this brand. I love that these have more protein and less sugar. Perfect for diabetics like me.

  5. Is it expensive? I could see the benefit health wise especially with what I do for a loving I could use it but dont want to break my pockets lol

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