10 splendid road trip tips for couples and families

10 Inspiring road trip tips for couples and families

The fun and lure of road trip cannot be denied by most adventure enthusiasts. Although all types of road trips are good, it is the long road trips that provide a real feel of travelling. Long road trips are full of experiences, and if done with either friends or family, these trips form memories which last a lifetime. To make your road trip more fun and memorable rather than tiring here are road trip tips for couples and families.

What are some of the fun activities or ideas one can opt to make their long trips memorable? Well, folks reading this need not worry as the following content will help provide sustainable road trips and spend more quality time with friends and family.

Prepare a colorful playlist of songs

Songs and travel make for a very good combination. There are several people who are happy with their old cliched radio but thanks to latest technology there are several portable devices which you can carry and easily use to play your latest favorite songs. While selecting and preparing your playlist, remember to add extensive and vibrant songs that contains a good combination of old and new songs. 
Music not only helps you relax but also bring joy to our mind.

The next activity to do while you are out there on a long road trip is to play a game based on vehicles license plates

While planning for your road trips, this could be one of easy road trip tips for couples and families. Organizing this game is exceptionally easy-breezy. You need to go online and search the pictures of license plates that are used in different parts of the world. Now, make a folder of the same, or you can also draw them on chart paper and number them.

While on the trip, one by one, each of the travelers can choose a number and can guess the name of the country/region to which the accepted picture of the license plate belongs to. 

Would you like to carry some part of each place you visit on your trip and take it back with you? 

Well, it is a great idea and you can do this by collecting a little amount of soil from the places you visit on the entire trip, in a glass container. Then, you should take a stick-on, write the name of all those places and then stick to the part where the soil of the concerned site lies inside the container. This is one of the ways memories are created for a lifetime. You can probably make your pwn collection.

You can stop at random places and talk to the local people to know interesting local details about these places.

As a bonus, you never know local people might invite you to their home and try authentic, local food and drinks. Exploring the food and culture of unknown places is a lot of fun on its own.

Documenting your trip is probably the most constructive activity of all as it involves some aspect of work and keeps your mind engaged and sharp

This will, of course, require a bit of work during the trip, but documenting your road trip is a great way to reminisce and fondly look back at the lovely times you had. Some innovative ideas for documenting your journey and making it an everlasting memory are:

  • Write down your preferred activities in a classic diary-style journal
  • Have a snap chat 
  • Write a blog to post your entire day to day activities
  • Click a photo by every place-name sign and make a collage
  • Make short videos at places, people and culture you stop by and edit them together as a montage
  • Buy a souvenir, postcards or even pick up stones , crystals from all cool places you visit to remember that feeling.

Keep your energy up by exploring life outside your car

Take a break, go on, eat something from the roadside eateries or have a cup a coffee or tea and experience the surrounding.

Meet new people, indulge in conversation, explore different cultures and traditions as you go along in your journey. These will surely lift your soul and will make you see things from a different perspective. This will keep your travelling spirits quite high. These “meetings by chance” also provide a bit of stretching for your body especially your legs before you continue the trip.

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take

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Don’t we all enjoy good music? Yes, we do!

And what is a better way than to enjoy it with friends and beautiful views accompanying you? Instead of listening to the music playing on your system, you can opt for singing with your loved ones. 

Watch the sunset or sunrise

There’s something about a beautiful sunset that makes the travel experience final and complete, the perfect end to a perfect day in a paradise you have created. You’ll likely see sunset and sunrise during your road trips. Forget about trying to cover the most of distance that evening; make time to pull over and enjoy that moment with your friends. That could be a perfect settings for picnic with your buddies, could also be a  photo shoot plan, or a catch-up moment after days of hectic driving.

Sunrises are equally enjoyable and monumental, although very early But strive to enjoy at least one sunrise and sunset during your trip. As far as road trip tips for families goes, this will be totally worth it.
Road trip tips for couples and families

If you are not at the driver’s seat, then one of the most fun activities to do on a road trip is to read

Yes! Reading any book while traveling, though one of the most cliche or traditional things to do, is very constructive and gives you the much-needed peace and calm that your mind needs. Now, different people have different tastes, and one must choose their books according to their feelings. 

Lastly, wherever possible, do not opt for living in a hotel

Instead, you must try to do camping. Just make sure to carry all the necessary equipment for the same, rest will be sorted. Camping in suitable places can add those extra stars to your trip, literally. 

The idea behind going on a long road trip is to enjoy and leave behind your monotonous and somewhat comfortable lifestyle back home to do some adventure. These trips create experiences that each person cherishes for the rest of their life. So without thinking too much, take this trip and enjoy! 

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road trip tips for couples and families
Road trip tips for couples and families
road trip tips for couples and families
road trip tips for couples and families
road trip tips for couples and families
road trip tips for couples and families
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25 thoughts on “10 Inspiring road trip tips for couples and families

  1. Road trips are a lot of fun especially if you arrange to go with other friends and their family. We did almost everything you mentioned except camping. I’m not a fan of bugs and camp sites.

  2. There are some really good ideas here for sure. The idea of watching the sunset or sunrise is a must do xx

  3. Yes, having a playlist is a must for us whenever we are on a road trip. My husband and I usually sing along while driving so, we’d like something that we both love.

    Thank you for sharing these tips on how to document and keep memories of our trips. Will definitely keep this mind.

  4. I really love road trips and your tips are great. I have to prepare a playlist of songs for my next trip, because I don’t have it yet.

  5. All of them are amazing tips. I am thinking about going on a road trip soon with my boyfriend. Thank you, gonna try all of them. ,❤️❤️❤️

  6. It’s been a while since I have been on a road trip. My age range children we love to play the alphabet games to keep them busy. I love the idea of watching sunrises, it makes for a different look at the world!I’ll definitely keep this list in mind on my next adventure.

  7. Having a good playlist and music ready to go is one of the best tips. It definitely makes a long trip more enjoyable (and bearable) if you have really good music to keep you entertained. Audiobooks are popular now as well and also a great option!

  8. When I was little, my family would take road trips around the US. And this is before the age of smartphones and game devices. We just played with each other (with toys and puzzles) or enjoy each other company. I miss the blanket forts in the backseat of the car.

  9. I live on a small, beautiful island, so there normally aren’t chances of long car drives. When I travel abroad, I usually don’t rent a car to drive. You’ve given helpful tips… I’ll use them someday, when I can.

  10. These are great tips, the last time we went on a road trip was when I had one child so it would be interesting to see how it goes with two. I also love the camping tip makes it more exciting and adventurous.

  11. We take road trips a lot here since my family lives in another state. We have to have good music, stops along the way, and of course, lots and lots of snacks!

  12. Good music always brings a nice vibe. Its something everyone inside the car can enjoy. Looking forward on our next trip! Wohoo!

  13. We have always been a road tripping family. Even with 4 kiddos…we pack them in and hit the road and love every minute of it!

  14. Wonderful tips! I like how you encourage families to try to fully immerse themselves in the experience. Travel is best enjoyed when you gain knowledge and discover new things along the way.

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