Snowbite Icecream & Shakes

Sundaes from Snowbite Ice-cream and Shakes

I happened to visit my aunt last weekend in Faridabad for lunch. Lunch was amazing and to satisfy our sweet tooth I decided to order some desserts after lunch. Scrolling through Zomato app, I came across Snowbite Ice-cream and shakes.

I love ice-cream but have always been hesitant taking home delivery since there could be issues if delivery is not done properly. The ingredients might get spilled and dessert would lose texture.

Being motivated by my aunt, I took a chance and ordered from Snowbite Ice-cream and they SURPRISED ME.

I called the store and felt a good since the guy on the other side was quite polite and promised timely delivery. I ordered NewYork Almond Fudge, Hot Chocolate with Oreo toppings, a Chocolate Sundae and Red Velvet Ice-cream cake. When it comes to sweet my appetite goes up by 70% …….

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I received my order in 20 minutes as promised and it was packed thoroughly. I took everything out carefully and to my surprise nothing was spilling. Everything was intact along with toppings.

I paid the delivery boy through Patym wallet without any hassle. I was amazed looking at the bill since it was quite less than my expectations. The store is pocket friendly and great if you are not looking to spend heavy.

I was excited to open my bags of joy.

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First Look

The first look of each dessert was mouth-watering and tasty. Without wasting any time, I took my first bite of my NewYork Almond Fudge and everything stopped for a second. It was a perfect blend of Chocolate and ice-cream. I could taste fresh nuts and some choco chips. I didn’t take time to finish my dessert and jump on to the next one.

Guilty Sunday with Snowbite Icecream & Shakes
Guilty Sunday with Snowbite Icecream & Shakes

I love hot chocolate and I am very particular about right amount of mix. When I took a bite of Hot chocolate, it just melted so well and that Oreo topping was just perfect. It was just right amount of blend with crunch.

My son and my aunt enjoyed their chocolate Sundae and red velvet cake. I took a bite from each and they were amazing. The bread of the cake was fresh and tasty.

Snowbite Icecream and Shakes made my weekend! I wish they could open a store near me and I could enjoy their desserts every weekend.

So if you are in Faridabad, don’t forget to call them and order your bag of joy. Enjoy your day with a great feast/ Request them to make something special and you will get some delicious mouth-watering dessert that could make your day a special one.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I didn’t received any samples for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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13 thoughts on “Sundaes from Snowbite Ice-cream and Shakes

  1. I totally get why you would be hesitant but the risk totally paid off – these look absolutely delicious! I have a real sweet tooth (especially one drawn towards chocolate) so this post is making me starving! x
    Marina Rosee x

  2. These look divine! I can’t say no to sweet treats and I am happy you found a place that delivers frozen treats. Red Velvet cake is my favorite too.

  3. I have never tried ordering frozen treats for delivery for the very same reason – I am afraid the quality will not be the same if I got it in the store. I am glad you found a store that knows how to properly pack frozen treats!

  4. I’m coming down to Delhi in May and will visit Faridabad that time. So will try it out that time. Saving it.

  5. Zomato is such a nice app and they have quality services. I am not near to Faridabad but I am sure they provided good tasty food and you’re happy with them.

  6. A brand in itself, crisp timely service.Gentle customer handling. Above all this, the quality of Snow white icecream n shakes is amazing, original in flavours n genuine with ingredients. A must try this summers.

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