Are You Aware Of Tea Bags Plastic? Do You Know What Are Tea Bags Made Of?

Are You Aware Of Tea Bags Plastic? Do You Know What Are Tea Bags Made Of?

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Every morning we start our day with a hot cup of tea. Every sip of that hot tea makes you feel more fresh and energetic.  In the past decade or so, Green tea has become more renowned because manufactures claim that they help to reduce weight by increasing metabolism. I collaborated with few health bloggers to explore more about tea. This piece basically covers what tea bags are made of. Most of my audience knows that I emphasize more on health and wellness for the entire family. So in this piece you would discover more about tea bags plastic which is a major cause of cancer we are totally unaware of.

These big multinational brands hire expensive brand ambassadors that are top influences of our generation. The actors whether female or male don’t even bother to do any research on what they are promoting. They are simply paid a heavy cheque to promote a product and that is such a terrible example to set for the millions who idolize them. End result, the product is sold with a heavy price tag.

You may have notice one such advertisement. Lipton tea endorsed by Miss Shradha Kapoor – “Thodi exercise ke saath Lipton Green Tea”. While she says thodi exercise, she spends at least 2 hours in the gym daily. This makes it obvious that she got a heavy pay cheque to endorse a product that may or may not be trusted. Also, I believe this advertisement is just promoting BODY SHAMING since you being thin is not a measure of how healthy you are. Having a slim body doesn’t make your healthy. All these claims are fake and old school.

I am sure you might be reading news that simply states how hollow and addicted all these big names really are. I have heard that an addict doesn’t care what they do, they only need their drugs. So our beautiful and handsome brand ambassadors only bother about pay cheques and not about the poison they are helping sell.

Before I deviate from the topic and start discussing about moral and uncultured values of so called sophisticated Bollywood, let me uncover how unsafe our tea bags really are!

You become what you eat…
Read how marketing companies are throwing poison on your way.

Yakult side effects – It is probiotic or slow poison?

What are tea bags made of?

You would find paper tea bags, silky fancy tea bags, blah blah!! and won’t notice anything about tea bags plastic.

Paper tea bags are a huge problem because of a chemical called Epichlorohydrin, which is used to keep the bags from breaking. Epichlorohydrin will leach when exposed to hot water, and is a potential carcinogen and reproduce toxins. 

Those silky fancier tea bags (called satchets) pose a different risk, which is what we are hearing about now in the news. These bags are made of either rayon, thermoplastic, polypropylene or, most commonly, polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PET is considered a safe plastic, with a high melting point. However, PET’s “glass transition” temperature (the temperature at which the material starts to break down) is less than 170 degrees F–and boiling water is 212 degrees! So it’s really not surprising at all that the plastic in these bags leaches into the tea.

Tea bags that are made of polylactic acid, which is derived from corn starch, should also be avoided. Polylactic acid is still a plastic of sorts that lacks any safety studies or standards.

There is also the issue of toxins in the tea itself, with reports showing unsafe pesticide levels in tea especially if imported from China. Heavy metals from contaminated soil (including lead, aluminum, arsenic, and cadmium) may be present in both organic and conventional teas. Although the lead levels are below the action level for public drinking water, steeping tea for less time will not allow the transfer of heavy metals and is thus a good safety precaution.

To back the above claims I would like to quote the study, by researchers from McGill University in Montreal, which shows that a single plastic teabag can release harmful particles into your cup — 11.6 billion microplastics and 3.1 billion nanoplastics. S what are tea bags made of is just tea bags plastic. This plastic cannot be recycled.

#tea bags plastics

Organic product claims

You may find people who claim that they are selling natural products right from the farm and we all are happy to pay a heavy price for such products BUT have we ever thought about how much chemicals goes into growing “natural” products?

Almost a decade ago I sold my apple orchard, this was the time when we hardly had heard about chemicals in food. We had given the packaging and distribution to a third party vendor. You would be surprised to know that all these third party vendors since past 2 decades have been using chemicals on apples to make them look red and beautiful. Most of us are only consuming high levels of sugar. So when you see those nice big red apples, remember you are buying all sugar and chemical.  Truth is that with abnormal temperatures, most farmers suffer and they land up making money by adding flavours to our food items.

At this point we need to focus on creating a better world. Our world needs nourishment just like our body. PLEASE STOP USING PLASTIC and save our environment.

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Are You Aware Of Tea Bags Plastic? Do You Know What Are Tea Bags Made Of?
What are tea bags made of?

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11 thoughts on “Are You Aware Of Tea Bags Plastic? Do You Know What Are Tea Bags Made Of?

  1. It’s been a long time since I used a tea bag, it was most likely in a cafe (a pretty bad now I think) when they put a tea bag into your tea pot pretending it is ok

  2. I did not know that tea bags had any kind of plastic in them; I thought they were a kind of thin paper. Are they all made the same? I only use Lipton and Tetley as they are well known brands, and bigger brands seem to be taking the right steps when it comes to plastic these days. In my state, single use plastic is becoming very looked down upon.

    Many companies and businesses are making changes so that they can stop using them, so I guess I just trust that the products I use that don’t seem like they have plastic in them, DON’T, but I was wrong. I guess it’s time I look into getting a tea strainer, infuser, and loose tea leaves and forego tea bags altogether!

  3. It’s shocking these companies have such materials in their tea bags. I prefer loose tea personally although have a few tea bags at home that are in other bags.

  4. This is one of the reasons why I prefer to drink loose leaf tea from trusted brands. I have ceramic mugs with ceramic diffusers, meaning that they are reusable and easy to clean. I have heard a lot of the news about different chemicals found in tea bags and any time I see an article passing through my social media newsfeed, it reminds me how much I love my mugs. They give me the chance to enjoy my tea without worrying about the bags at all.

  5. Yikes, I am not a tea drinker, but sometimes my kids drink tea. I think I will just get the loose leaves from now on and strain them. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. So frightening what we put in our bodies.

  6. I’m a total tea addict regardless of weather and drink all sorts of tea, but I’m very particular about brand. I drink Twinings Earl Grey brands and Tazo but also some loose teas that are organically grown with no chemicals. It’s been said that some bags and string are plastic-made but some are not and are compostable. I think brands should state if their bags are plastic-free or not.

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