The Tree of Life Resort & Spa, Jaipur

Your oasis of peace and harmony nestled in the Aravali Valley. Looking for a super exclusive, heaven on earth type experience in the NCR region? Look no further than The Tree Of Life.


This one is a little tricky to get to as it is not adjacent to the main Jaipur highway but a little off the beaten track. If you’re driving down from New Delhi, keep driving till you reach a small Town called Kookas which is at the outskirts of Jaipur.

Feeding the fishes
Feeding the fishes

From their main market (a typical small village market) you have to take a U-turn, head back about a 100 meters and then take a left towards the mountains on a small village road for about 5 kms. Best way to remember is if you reach Le meridian (also a prominent hotel in the Kookas region) you’ve crossed the turn so head back immediately.


Playing with Stones


The Village road through a series of crests and troughs will take you about 5 kms inside Rajasthan territory to the resort. The last 100 meters or so is not a good road so be prepared. All road troubles will vanish when you reach the resort.


bonfire in winters
bonfire in winters


Warm and Professional. This is a super exclusive resort with only 13 huge functional “Villas” instead of rooms so service personalized like nowhere else we’ve ever been. The staff will even accommodate weird requests like getting a movable fireplace to your lawn with snacks so you can have a great time gazing at the stars while enjoying drinks and a light snack. For lunch and dinner, the Chef comes to you each time, discusses the menu and starts preparing dishes once you agree with the menu they set. Like I wrote, super exclusive like nowhere else we’ve been.

Plucking fruits
Plucking fruits


Instead of rooms, they operate 13 HUGE villas with a huge sunken outdoor tub which was great to experience. Some villas have a personal swimming pool as well. Staying at the Tree of Life means staying in a huge luxurious house being surrounded with fruit trees, vegetable patches and lovely flower formations. Their infinity pool is gorgeous and very nicely maintained, gym neat and tidy and the Restaurant beautiful. Right at the entrance, they have a lovely pond with huge fishes which my son and I had a great time feeding. They provide complimentary wifi but it does not work too well. The also provide village tours and cycles.

Food & Drink

Food was fresh and good but not extraordinary. Breakfast had great variety and their fruit platter and juices were quite good. Non veg snacks were particularly delicious which we enjoyed by the fireplace.

Club facilities (If applicable)

Not applicable in this case but to be honest, the whole resort felt like a club experience with an incredible ambiance, friendly helpful staffers and spectacular views. The Tree of Life is a very accurate name.


Relax, unwind, be yourself – and plan your own pace. And, at a short distance, all the attractive sights and sounds of enchanting Jaipur – the ‘pink city’ of Rajasthan.


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