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Engaging Activities for your Toddler

It is time for summer holidays…Playschools are all closed and summer camps are about to end. It is that time of the year where you would have your toddler at home and you might not even get a chance to breathe since day and night, you would’ve magically sprouted a talking tail with never ending questions, concerns and crying fits. It is quite important to be ready with toddler engaging activities.

Let’s be honest, we all love the attention for some time but after a while, some peace and quiet is certainly preferred to a descend into complete madness. Probably time to think on how we can engage and focus their energy towards something more productive.

First thing which comes to our mind may be educational toys but we might have to sit with our little one to play with those. Toddlers are mimics and they act to what they see around – cleaning, washing etc. Trick is to help them engage in creative, cost effective ways which could be fun and help develop some skills. From my experience, below are super cost effective toddler engaging activities –

A game which could help them identify colors and numbers. They might also learn how to count in the process. Best part is that it is very cost effective using stuff you may already have in the house.

What you need –

  • Plastic Spoons ( old discarded which you typically use/throw after parties gatherings etc. Can also buy them at nominal cost from local vendors. Colored spoons will be great
  • Aluminium foil roll or a cylindrical shape object ( can also roll a cardboard, tape it and it will be good to go).
  • Basket

toddler engaging activities

Process –

Color spoons with different colors (if they are plain). Stick the roll on the wall and allow them to play by passing spoons through the makeshift “tunnel” into the basket below. This will become a process and repeated multiple times as it gives  toddler a sense of achievement, works on his/her motor skills and teaches him/her bout different colors.

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Newspaper Art

Just tear a newspaper sheet into small pieces. Take an A4 sheet or an empty notepad. Allow them to paste it in different shapes and sizes.

Also, allow them to tear the newspaper sheet. This will add motor skills.

Newspaper Coloring

This could be slightly messy but worth it. Just put some newspaper sheets and allow the kid to use some water colors and spill it and use their imagination.

Helicopter Making

This could be interesting for your toddler and can be exciting for him. You would need 3-4 spoons to make a helicopter.

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Hope this toddler engaging activities will be helpful and we will come back with more activities soon.

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