toddler relationships

Toddler and Friendship

A new born baby understands two basic emotions – Joy and Sadness. From there the emotional room only gets bigger. They get introduced to anger, disgust, fear and kindness. Toddlerhood brings new experiences and introduces them to other beautiful emotions like surprise, trust and friendship. Toddler relationships including friendship is a beautiful bond of joy where random people come together for various reasons. It brings trust and loyalty and nurtures from early age the most beautiful relationship which is very important for the growth of a toddler, especially with respect to social and economic development.

Making right kind of friends is important from a very early age since friends not only make us socially responsible but boost moral values like empathy, sharing, trust and loyalty towards others and self.

toddler relationships
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Toddlers’ don’t react to friendship like older people. For them, a friend is someone who can bring delight in their life. This friend has to be someone of almost same size and has to like the same toys they like so that they can complain about each other.

For most toddlers a friend is for playing together, shout with him and snatch toys which they like.

Once they grow a bit more that is when they understand sharing and affection. Around 3 years plus is when they start enjoying company of friends and start playing together.

As parents our job is to help our child achieve its friendship goals and make sure that is a positive influence on the child. Friends shouldn’t act as a barrier to positive attributes like self-confidence.

Children’s friendship are full of ups and downs and sometimes a fall out could hurt them.

Todderhood is an age where important feelings of forgiveness, minor arguments can be imbibed as a natural part of relationships. Through friendship, this can be introduced in a creative and fun way. Friendship is one of the most important toddler relationships

Activities to encourage friendship

toddler relationships
Credits – Amrita Sinha (Owner of CARE Daycare)

Playing sports that need a small team like passing a ball among each other in a formation can help toddlers play with each other.

Holding hands and making a circle just like “ringa ringa roses”

Paper tearing activities, coloring together, hand printing together can allow them to work as a team.

Blocks are simple toys that can allow them to work together. They argue but this only brings them closer so let them argue while sitting together.

Remember not push or force but inspire and uphold their initial beautiful relationships
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