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10 Amazing and easy Valentine Day Crafts for Kids

All around the world people are in valentine mood. Valentine day is a great occasion for families and loved one to connect. This is create time to create all kinds of arts and crafts for children of all age. Craft is a great way to celebrate any occasion and learn at the same time. If you are looking for some love themed projects to do in the classroom or at home this Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids list is packed with simple craft ideas for all generations.

1. Love bug toilet paper roll craft

Create your own fun Valentine’s Day love bug toilet paper roll craft! It’s a great way to up cycle some of your empty toilet paper rolls and talk about why recycling is important. First, you’ll need to save empty toilet paper rolls, one per love bug. You’ll also need construction paper, craft eyes, pipe cleaners, paint pens or markers, and hot glue. This is a lovely Valentine day Crafts for kids and easy to make. Visit Green Oklahoma for detailed instructions.

valentine day crafts
Source Green Oklahoma

2. Valentine’s Day Thaumatropes

Valentine’s day isn’t just about romance, it is about enjoying your day and be creative.These thaumatropes are pretty easy to put together, but younger children might need help with the construction. You can use the provided printables to make these or create your own! And make sure to use scissor safety. For detailed instructions and free printable, visit Team Cartwright. Crate this simple valentine day crafts at home.

valentine day crafts for kids

3. Penguin Valentine Craft For Kids 

Valentine day crafts for kids are a great way to keep them busy before returning to school or as a fun after school activity. Adults can get involved with this one and make their own too to give to their kids. This penguin craft is simple and cute. For detailed instructions, visit Simpleeverydaymom

The benefits of arts and crafts for children are absolutely endless! That’s why it is essential for children to get involved with them. For example, it allows children to develop their motor skills in their fingers and hands as they can advance control of their movements.

valentine day crafts
Source Simple Everyday Mom

4. Sloth Valentine day crafts for kids

Sloths are so adorable and fun! Here’s a super easy, fun sloth paper craft for your kids to do for Valentine’s Day, or anytime they want to show some sloth love! For detailed instructions, Twin cities frugal mom

I simply love this valentine day craft, It is super simple and adorable. I would love to be a sloth myself and I am sure my son would love to follow hahahaha…

valentine day crafts for kids

5. Make Easy Felt Valentine day Roses

Obviously! Vaentine day means those lovely red roses and it is great fun t make them. These easy felt roses are a perfect craft to show that you care on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or any day of the year. Visit  Twokidsandacoupon for detailed instructions. I am sure these lovely beautiful hand made flowers are a great gift for someone your love. Roses are one of the best valentine day crafts

valentine day crafts

6. Beautiful Heart Wreath

Crafts and decor do not need to be expensive to be cute. This heart wreath is made with items found at the local dollar store!
This valentine day craft is simple to make. It comes together in under 15 minutes, and it a wonderful, inexpensive heart decor. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day, or any occasion where heart decor is wanted.

Checkout the step by step instructions here

10 Amazing and easy Valentine Day Crafts for Kids

Happiness if not in money but in shopping, shop for Valentine’s day

7. Conversation Heart painted rocks

Another simple Valentine day craft that focuses on enhancing motor skills for children is painted rocks. Try these conservation heart painted rocks craft with your kids this year. Its an easy and fun way to make DIY Valentine’s gifts for teachers, friends, and family. Rock painting is great way to start painting if you haven’t painted before. Painting on a smaller surface is less intimidating than a larger surface like on canvas. For more details, you can visit Rock Painting Guide

10 Amazing and easy Valentine Day Crafts for Kids

8. Reusing Old Candle Jars in Valentine day crafts

Reusing a candle jar may seem like a little thing, but it can truly make someone’s day! Today we are sharing a post about how to make kids’ Valentine’s Day themed vases by reusing old candle jars. An important step is to Get Wax Out of Candle Jar. Remove old wax from candle jars to recycle or reuse the jars. The easiest way to get candle wax off glass is to put the candle jar in the freezer for a few hours. Then, remove the jar and use a dull knife to gently break up the wax. It should slide right out of the jar. Wash with soapy water.
I am sure these vases are great valentine day crafts

To gather step by step instructions in order to create this vase, visit Bunny’s Garden

10 Amazing and easy Valentine Day Crafts for Kids
valentine day crafts

9. Cupid’s Arrow Valentine’s Day

Hit the mark this Valentine’s Day with these simple Cupid’s Arrow Valentine’s Day Favors. For step by step instructions, visit Home Made Interest. This simple and sweet valentine day craft is fun for all generations.

10 Amazing and easy Valentine Day Crafts for Kids

10. A Heart Warming Valentine DIY Heating Pad

A quick DIY Valentine Gift for someone you love. You don’t need much fabric for this Valentine heating pad and you could pruchase some ribbons and few extra supplies. For step by step instructions, visit Pretty DIY Homes

10 Amazing and easy Valentine Day Crafts for Kids
valentine day crafts Source PrettyDIYhomes

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Valentine day craft
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