Walpurgisnacht Night

Walpurgisnacht Night: second Halloween in Germany


The month of October ends and Halloween looms as one of the great festivities to cheer up the year. This tradition that is celebrated Canada and the United States mainly, brings with it dark events with monsters, witches and macabre stories, but also sweets, parties, celebration and a night to enjoy with the different companions and friends. The following article would introduce to the Walpurgisnacht Night, a second Halloween in Germany.

Walpurgisnacht night

Waiting for such a dark night to exist once but twice within a country is unheard of for many nations to hear. The truth is that Germany has a second night in the year in which large festivities are held around bonfires and with lots of beer and costumes. A date as normal for some countries as Halloween is April 30, for the Anglo-Saxon community. A festival known as Walpurgisnacht, a celebration celebrating Santa
Walpurga from whom pagan sorcery and witchcraft are said to have extinguished pagan sorcery and witchcraft wide spreadly from the country. As a recent study of the online casino Betway points out.

When Witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers ‘ this is Halloween”.

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In fact, the locals of these different Bavarian communities met on this date to celebrate with offerings and banquets the fact already mentioned in what is today The Brocken, a mountain within the famous Harz mountain range within the country. Today, while this holiday eliminated the superstitious (and Christian) facts of what would be formerly known as “magic,” many of the meetings continue to take place for the enjoyment of the German community.

#walpurgisnacht night

Like this one, there are many other festivities in the world that are worth remembering as a second Halloween. Possessing acts such as dancing in skeleton clothing, honoring the Dead, or dressing up as creepy creatures are acts that exist throughout the world and are made for various reasons. Undoubtedly, one of them is to scare curious foreigners who find out about them, stumbling upon stunned facts within their culture and letting themselves be carried away with things beyond that night of candy that we all know.

Walpurgisnacht Night: second Halloween in Germany

Festivals like Walpurgisnacht night always amaze me. I feel that is is amazing to learn about such dark nights and understand various rituals that come with every festivals. This Halloween in Germany is quite an amazing festival and mostly unheard off.

These less heard festivals are great to unravel the culture in various parts of the world. I hope I get a chance to bring out the best of each culture that is practiced around the world.

With this year coming to an end, I hope that the coming year turns out to be a prosperous one and we all have a fruitful new year.

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  1. It’s interesting to learn that there’s such a thing as 2nd Halloween in Germany. I still haven’t been to Germany but it is somewhere on my bucket list. Hopefully, non-essential travel will be available again soon globally.

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