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Welcome to the most exciting page! It’s like finding a dollar bill on the sidewalk, but better! I’m Pooja Malkani Sharma, entrepreneur extraordinaire and founder of not one, but TWO amazing websites – Colossalumbrella and SkywithScope

After quitting my full-time job as a Director of Strategic Partnerships in the IT industry, I decided to take a break… but then I got bored and started creating crazy stuff. And the rest is history!

Linky – Your Link building Partner

Interested in strengthening your link profile but unsure about how to get started? Feel free to drop me an email, and I’ll assist you in boosting your domain authority. Get 400 links directly pointing at your website and see the jump in rankings.

Creator’s Cradle

Since 2016, I’ve been writing exclusive content for businesses and bloggers, helping them manage their blog and reach their full potential. Along with my team, we can take responsibilities while you can plan and strategize your growth. And let me tell you, nothing brings me more joy than seeing my clients succeed.

So if you’re looking for exclusive content that’ll make your readers go “wow,” shoot me an email with your expectations. With each piece, you’ll get content based on expected word count, keywords, and additional or related keywords added to it. And if you want, I’ll even throw in a Zero Plagiarism Report – because who needs plagiarism when you’ve got me?

Throughout my blogging journey and based on my experience, I have developed a soft corner for a wonderful tool and I always recommend using it, especially if you are stuck and looking to grow, RankIQ. RankIQ can help you rank and beat your competition. All you need to do it signup for RankIQ, choose your keyword and send me an email with your expectations. Ta-da!! Get ready to post.

So don’t hesitate, drop me an email for samples, rates, and references. Let’s build a community of smart bloggers with great content and conquer the internet together!

Of course, please understand I won’t be sharing published samples created for other bloggers without their permission since the work I get paid for now belongs to them. Remember I am a ghostwriter, who is supposed to become a ghost and not claim for writing credits. If you are looking for samples, please check my writing skills on this blog. You can get a fair understanding of my writing skills.

Brand Collaboration

I am always excited to partner with brands that can help my audience and make their life easy. Price for a sponsored post starts from $100 to $600 based on the requirement. I am happy to discuss more.

Please note that I DO NOT sell do-follow links, for any price, and we will not respond to emails inquiring about posting guest content.

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