Parenting Styles

Get inspired by 100+ Parenting Quotes For Hard Times

This post is dedicated to warriors of the parenting battlefield! Be ready to have your spirits lifted, and your parental struggles turned into inspiration and fun. Here is a blog post that’s jam-packed with 100+ Inspirational Parenting Quotes For Hard Times,  those hair-pulling, sleep-deprived, “are-they-ever-going-to-outgrow-this-phase?” kind of moments. Imagine you are knee-deep in Lego landmines, […]

The Truth About Enmeshed Parenting – How to Avoid It and 3 ways to deal with enmeshment

As a child, do you remember feeling as though your parents were almost always watching you, monitoring your behavior and keeping tabs on where you were going? Coined as an “over-identification with their child”, enmeshed parenting is when a parent feels so connected with their child that they begin acting like a part of the […]

Authoritative Parenting – Why is it most common among the 4 other parenting styles?

Are you in the middle of chaos where everything happens is unplanned, and every day you are in thought about how to deal with your child’s behavior? If your kids are do not listen to you and you are trying to find a routine to keep them disciplined, then authoritative parenting might be the best way.  Authoritative […]

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