Planned Parenthood -7 basic benefits and popular myths

planned parenting

Gone are the days when couples did not give much heed to family planning or planned parenthood. There was quite less planning done with respect to adding a family member. Couples were just expected to take up the role of parents as soon as they get married. In most families, a demand for a new family member started immediately after marriage.

But, the times have changed. Indeed a lot!!

Just like technology, human lifestyle is changing. In 21st century, most couples have started paying attention on planned parenthood based on their career and health related priorities. Most couples aims to expand their family once they are settled financially.

90% of the parenting is just thinking about when you can lie down again

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Importance of planned parenthood

With increase in number of opportunities, most couples work hard to own a luxury lifestyle that their child could enjoy when it enters the world. Couples work towards having a steady career for financial and mental security. Couples make use of every opportunity that comes their way to have a secure life for their child.

Couples can prioritize their lives and connect with each other

There is no denying that if children become a part of couple’s life then at least during initial years when the child is growing, complete care and attention is directed towards the child. A significant amount of energy and effort goes towards parenting if couples are working. One also does not get quality time to spend alone, as most of your time goes into taking care of your child. 

The couple often doesn’t get the chance to know each other better or explore various things about each other. But, if you plan and have open discussions about adopting parenthood at the right time, then you can not only concentrate better on your career but spend a few years knowing each other well. And, when you and your partner are ready, then you can take up the parenting .

Prevent pregnancy-related health problems in women

When a couple has open discussions about when to take up the role of parenthood, a woman gets the chance to choose taking up motherhood. It affects the well-being and health of the woman. It is mainly due to the reason that planned parenting allows you to have controlled pregnancies. 

On the other hand, they can choose to become mothers at the right age, delay pregnancies at a young age and at the same time, reduce the chances of death from early childbearing. Further, couples can choose the number of kids they want to have with planned parenting. 

Planned parenthood leads to a reduction in infant mortality 

If we go by the facts and figures, then most cases of infant mortality take place due to less time gap between the birth of kids and the wrong choice of the timings for pregnancies. Now, when the couples adopt the concept of planned parenthood, then the chances of infant mortality can go down by a significant number. 

As a matter of fact, if a woman dies during the process of giving birth, then there are high chances that the infant might not be alive or will have poor health after birth. Such infants are then kept under special care and vigilance in the hospital, and there are 50-50 chances that he/she might be alive even after that. 

Prevent the cases of sexually transmitted diseases

There are cases where women might be infected with HIV, and this is a well-known fact that if the mother is having AIDS or is HIV infected, then there are full chances that her child will inherit the same problem. Now, couples who plan parenthood can eliminate the chances of unwanted pregnancies among women who are suffering from HIV or AIDS. 

This, in turn, will result in fewer infants getting affected due to AIDS. Further, with planned parenting comes the use of condoms where both the partners are protected from the transfer of sexually transmitted diseases as well as HIV/AIDS. 

Planned parenting or planned parenthood helps people to make an informed decision regarding their reproductive health

Planned parenthood helps to empower couples and individuals for that matter. It is due to the reason that one can take proper, planned as well as an informed decision regarding their sexual life as well as reproductive health. In fact, all this also has a positive effect on one’s mental health too. 

Planned Parenthood, opens up a number of opportunities for women who want to either have additional education in some field, prioritize their job and participate in public life as well. This also has a positive reflection on paid employment in non-family organizations. With this, the couple who plan their family and then have kids then have the options to limit the number of kids as per their choice.  

Planned parenthood helps reducing adolescent pregnancies as well 

There are still a number of cases where women do get pregnant before the apt age. Pregnancy at a young age can be risky at the time. Pregnant adolescents are at more risk of having low-birth-weight babies as well as preterm childbirths as well. 

All these cases are neither safe for the mother nor for the child. Along with this, if the girls become pregnant at a young age, then they often have to discontinue their education and the men have to earn alone and take care of everything, financially and often emotionally as well. 

Planned Parenthood

You contribute your bit towards control or slowing of population growth 

The best perk about planning parenthood is that the couples get the chance to contribute their bit towards reducing or at least slowing the process of population growth. This is not a hidden fact that population growth is still a huge concern for a number of nations in today’s time and the concept of planned parenthood helps to get tackle that issue significantly. 

Well, if there are so many perks of planned parenting then why, some people shy away from adopting this concept in their lives? It is a sure fact that a number of people must have thought about this question. 

planned parenthood

Myths of planned parenthood

To start with, a number of women avoid taking contraceptive pills so as to avoid unwanted pregnancy and end up having an unplanned child. They have this idea that contraceptive pills can affect their body, health, or it can lead to hormonal changes as well. 

Honestly, speaking this case of not entirely true as if women take contraceptive after taking recommendations from a gynaecologist, then the chances of occurrence of any of the above-mentioned issues is least. Contraceptive pills help you have your independent choice regarding adopting the role of parenthood or not, once you have discussed it with your partner. 

Secondly, there is this fact which is often repeated by the elders in the family that one should not wait for too long to have a child, else couple face issues while trying to get pregnant at later ages. Well, that is wrong, but in today’s time, there are a number of options where, if the couples choose to get pregnant at a later age then they don’t find it difficult to do so. 

planned parenthood

In this regard, the woman can choose to freeze her eggs and take up the role of motherhood even in her 40’s easily. Then there is another option of test-tube babies or IVF due to which literally any couple can conceive easily. Thanks to the technology that this myth of ‘no pregnancy at later age’ is getting faded with time. 

Thus, it is high time that people adopt the concept of planned parenthood and discuss every possibility related to the same. ‘Take up the role of parents at the right time so as to feel and enjoy every moment of it.’

planned parenthood

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planned parenthood

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Planned Parenthood -7 basic benefits and popular myths
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13 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood -7 basic benefits and popular myths

  1. This is really informative. Sometimes, some of us tend to act without taking into consideration the possible consequences. This is great because you gave the soon-to-be-parents a list that they can go back to whenever they are about to make decisions regarding their planning.

  2. It’s good to plan, but it’s also good not to leave it too late. It’s not easy to get pregnant in your 40s, I feel like this is a myth, and there are also costs involved with IVF treatment.

  3. Planning parenthood sounds sensible if you can do that. I think that’s the next most logical directions for those populations that are able to have that choice.

  4. Interesting blog post! I dont have a lot of opinions but I will say in College I didn’t have insurance and I was really poor LOL! I went to Planned Parenthood to get check up probably a total of 5 times and I didn’t pay anything. SO I am grateful for that. Great post!

  5. I can see both pros and cons of planned parenthood. It ensures that couples are well prepared for that time when they feel that the time is right to welcome a baby in their lives, not only healthwise, but financially as well. However, being Catholic, artificial birth control is frowned upon. Honestly, I believe that every child is a blessing. It is our responsibility to provide for their care.

  6. In as much as this may make sense, it’s not something I agree with personally. I think many have the assumption that everyone can just give birth like rats and so there’s a need to restrict the number of kids one has. That is a wrong assumption.

    Secondly, have you checked all the contraceptive methods and their side effects and what these things cause in the long run? It’s crazy.

    In the end, no matter how many times we try to cheat nature, it’ll still hit us back in our faces.

  7. Thanks for reminding us about the advantages of planned parenthood. I agree that it respects our basic rights to self-determination and promotes commitment and well-being in marriage.

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