Equal Shared Parenting – Rules of new generation parenting

equal shared parenting

This piece is not about equal shared parenting right after divorce but mostly about rules of new generation parenting. Throughout this piece, we will be looking at how rules of parenting are changing. The new generation parents are sharing equally in the areas of child-raising, housework, breadwinning, and time for self.

The root of equal shared parenting is for couples to make a conscious decision to share equally in the raising of their children, household chores, breadwinning and time for recreation.  

Yes! Once the child enters your life equal shared parenting could be challenging since a new born needs a mother’s care and love more than fathers. But there has to be a constant effort coming from the new dad to step in at any given chance and take on some responsibility to make it less over whelming for the mother.

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Equal shared parenting might sound easy to accomplish but its implementation is difficult. For new generation parents, equal shared parenting is becoming a necessity more than a luxury for mothers. This not only develops trust between husband and wife but as parents you are able to incorporate great values in your child.

Benefits of Equal shared Parenting

Equal shared parenting offers a way to forge deep and equivalent bonds. Parents collaborate on child care problems, small and great, and each spend a good amount of time on those. Consequently, both become experts and both get acquainted with their kids emotionally and practically. When one parent leaves, another is not an understudy who needs reminding or schooling.

Equal childraising or equal shared parenting implies your children will be exposed to social differences in two parents at length, such as ways of playing or prepare dinner or running an errand. Kids get to experience with both mom and dad, learn from their experience. Additionally, two parents on equal footing are made to iron out differences in parenting styles when needed, and arrive at a mutually beneficial solution.

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There are tons of household where most dad are aiming to earn breads while mother is expected to raise kids. Kids are hardly able to spend any time with their dad which leads to them drifting away and creating a distance. Children spending less time with their dad are more dependent on their mothers and are only left to learn from one individual which is detrimental to growth.

Challenges of equal shared parenting

Equal shared parenting requires a mother and to release control of her life. She needs to not just abdicate her dictatorship, but needs to stop evaluating her peer. the husband, on his parenting abilities as if she had been the tutor and he the student. She must get out from the way. More so than the other 3 domains, equally shared child raising takes so much communication between two parents that it may seem onerous at times. Frequently, the detailed plans of every day needs to be known by both parents. Both must know precisely when they’re on with the children and when the child has pooped, bathed, eaten, and napped.

Then, in a continuous way, the two parents must communicate the status of kid and pending to-do tasks like scheduling physician appointments, buying gifts, responding yes or no for upcoming birthday celebration invitations, or making biscuits for preschool snack time. Lastly, whenever you share childraising, standard jokes and complaints about bumbling dads aren’t fair play any more. They shouldn’t be utilized as ammo by women nor should they be utilized as hiding places by men. There are no more excuses for not knowing how into change a diaper, schedule a playdate, act out a jungle play or manage a case of the flu.

At the end of all this, it is totally worth the trouble – Overall, we think that being an equivalent parent is taking your rightful place in the family.

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Equal shared parenting
Equal shared responsibility

Then, in a continuous way, the two parents must communicate the status of kid and pending to-do tasks like scheduling physician appointments, buying gifts, responding yes or no for upcoming birthday celebration invitations, or making biscuits for preschool snack time.

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Equal Shared Parenting – Rules of new generation parenting
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29 thoughts on “Equal Shared Parenting – Rules of new generation parenting

  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of information online. I really enjoyed reading it and will share it on social media.

  2. I hate that this subject is so prevalent in today’s society. It’s so sad. Also how people can’t get along is so sad.

  3. Parenting is hard enough that it does take a village to raise a child. Equal parenting is the ideal way to raise our kids but sadly, it is not always the case for many households.

  4. That’s a very informative post on
    Equal parenting.
    I agree equal parenting is important for
    Both the parents and the kids.

  5. This is how my husband and I raised both our children, they are both adults now. We got a lot of flack and pushback from our elders on our parenting choices, but I can tell you it was the best parenting decision we could have ever made!! I’m glad to hear that more parents are making this parenting choice.

  6. I think this is so important! This is definitely the way my husband and I intend to parent when we have our first child in September.

  7. Equal parenting is important for the parents but even more so for the child. Building relationships is learned starting at home.

  8. We try and share parenting equally as far as possible, but my husband works long hours and is away a lot – and then it all falls to me LOL!

  9. Men should definitely not be treated as the bumbling “other parent” in the situation. And you are right, sometimes men can retreat into that stereotype to avoid doing some of the heavy lifting. I have to co-parent with my ex and it is difficult at times. Hard to manage the balance of things in a divorce.

  10. Equal share parenting is very important in today’s generation. It gives confidence to a child to share and communicate his emotional feelings with both his parents.

  11. Depending on your circumstances if you can work together you should…it benefits the little ones in the end

  12. Interesting article! I agree that both parents should be involved in their children’s lives equally and have knowledge of the day to day running’s of the household and their children’s needs. This makes both parents feel supported in their roles and can hopefully foster good relationships between the child and their parent.

  13. Parenting can be challenging as they are not definite rules and to me learn, every experience is unique. I must say that I enjoy your approach.

  14. I love that you are bringing light to this concept! I hadn’t heard it named before, but it’s how my husband and I operate in our household. Sure, there are some days that I do more, and others he does more. But overall, we share it all equally.

  15. agree with you and i am glad to have a dh who believes in sharing these responsibilities with me:) (Except when he does not care for those tasks much – haha)

  16. So so true – but sometimes easier accomplished in theory than in reality, especially when one parent works long hours outside the home while the other works from home. For us, using Google Calendar has been crucial for keeping everyone on the same page!

  17. This is a really great concept. My husband and I are closer to equal shared parenting than before, but it was more of me letting go of some of the responsibilities. I think it’s positive for our daughter’s to see as well.

  18. Responsibilities in parenting should be shared weather parents are together or separate. Kids need the balance and nurturing both parent figures provide, for healthy growth. I know there are cultural differences in many groups, but those are omitted when both parents care about and want the best for their child.

  19. Ugh. While good information for those who need it, I just couldn’t imagine getting a divorce and then having to go through all the work to figure out these sorts of details. I am thrilled my husband and I have such a great open line of communication to help keep our relationship tip top! Plus, I adore the man. Not a day goes by where I am not grateful for him even if he drives me bananas sometimes, haha!

  20. Equal-shared parenting can be so impossible especially if the parents are not willing to sit down and come up with a good strategy that will ensure the kids are not affected. Sometimes, parents just become stubborn yet the parenting style can be good for the kids. If done well.

  21. I agree with equal shared parenting as long as it is in the child’s best interest. Sometimes, regardless of how badly we want some parents are not good parents nor do they want to be a parent!

  22. this is an interesting article! i hardly read such articles because i don’t have a kid and am not even married or divorced (knock on wood) haha but nonetheless, well written! this can certainly be very helpful for parents who don’t know how to raise their kid after having a divorce. i know there are many cases where parents struggle to raise their kid properly and in return, their kid gets a pretty harsh life. so this is a really helpful article.

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