About me

The role of parenting and raising a kid alone in big cities can make things a bit overwhelming, especially from a health standpoint. Constant outbursts, minor injuries, chasing for food, potty training and work on top of all this tends to make even the most hardened health freaks among us wonder, is this the parenting reward I signed up for? Good news is that with a little bit of perspective, preparation, courage and some extra cribbing this could be exactly what the doctor ordered! I will try to help reduce parenting stress for our readers which will automatically impact positive health.

I love travelling and also decided that is not going to stop with a baby on board. With baby health issues jumping out of nowhere this was quite tough to enforce but we’ve nailed it down to an art form by now. The trick which helps keep out health intact while traveling is to experience places on our own without a “package deal” which shepherds us from here and there without any control. To do this without burning a hole in our pocket and seeing the joy on our little one’s face makes us feel like really proud parents! We made the parenting decision by choice to become better and healthier people in life and we continue enriching our lives by experiencing various cultures.

Now since you know little bit about me, I would be happy to share my thoughts through this informational blog with you.

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