Snow plow or snow plough parenting

Snow plow or snow plough parenting :Pros and cons

Becoming a parent is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful experiences of human life. The feeling is priceless and cannot be defined in words! Having a child not only brings a couple closer but their bonding also increases. Most couples do confess that their having children gave them purpose to live and look forward to something new and great. Although! things look quite cute from outside but parenting is a cake walk. Read here about snow plow or snow plough parenting

Everybody raises their children with the best of their ability or let just say all parents try to do their best in raising their children. It is often said that the first guru to a kid is his/her parents. Well, it is entirely a personal decision of every couple as to how they would like to raise their kid and in this regard there a number of parenting styles and tips available out there, but doing things the right way is important. 

Honestly speaking, the term right way is quite subjective and one cannot be judgmental about parenting. Although there are a number of parenting styles such as permissive parenting, helicopter parenting, authoritarian parenting, tiger parenting, so on… This piece would explore snow plow or snow plough parenting. 

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What is snow plow or snow plough parenting? 

Ia m sure for some the term snow plow or snow plough parenting would be confusing and you might not know what it means. It is always hard to decide what type of a parent are you. I always consider myself a helicopter parent but I am sure I would have some traits of snow plow parenting

To start with let me tell you that there are several layers to the concept of snow plow or now plough parenting style. Often known as lawnmower parenting, it simply means that you as parent try to remove all the obstacles, problems that come into your child’s way. In this style of parenting, parents jump in to help and save their kids from almost every situation that comes in their life on a daily basis.

Well, let us take an example so as to understand the concept of snow plough parenting in a better way. Suppose in your kid’s school units are going on. After the exams are over, your kids bring the report card home. After reading it you find out that your kid has not scored in English subject. Now, you immediately either call or go to the kid’s school to talk to the teacher of the concerned subject. Instead of pushing your child to study and work hard or showing your needed disappointment over the bad grades you choose to debate with the teacher and ask him/her to change the grade by giving some vague reasons at times. 

Parenting Style: somewhere between No, Don’t and Oh! what the hell.

This is a classic example of a Snow plough parenting style. In the above-mentioned case, the parent is not saying anything to the kid, not telling him/her to study more or express their disappointment instead the parents opted to solve this issue by requesting the teacher to change the grades.

As it is clear by the term ‘snow plough’ that much like snow plough clears all the snow from the road, similarly, the parents keep on clearing, covering, removing and justifying the mistakes, obstacles, and problems of life. The intention of parents doing this is not negative but they just want to give all the advantages to their kids so that they can move easily ahead in life in all the fields, be it education, job, health etc. They do not want to see their child struggling with issues of life in general. 

Pros of snow plow or snow plough parenting

Well, practically speaking no one can judge a parenting style or decide which is better than what. Like every coin has two sides, similarly, every parenting style comes with its pros and cons. The same is with snow plow or snow plough parenting. 

We all agree with the fact that the obstacles, mistakes, and problems arising in life, ultimately lead to learning but it does not mean that every time you need blunders to learn the lessons of life. Knowledge can be imparted through communication and connection.

So if parents are protecting their child from the obstacles coming in their life that do not imply that the concerned parent is spoiling the child in anyway. It is a simple feeling of being protective of your child whom you love unconditionally. Further, a number of parents also argue that they do not want their child to suffer and face any kind of problem.

They also hold another view that they have worked hard so as to provide a comfortable as well as good lifestyle to their child and this is why as parents they do not want their child to suffer even in the slightest way. Thus, they protect their kids as much as possible based on their.

Cons of snow plow or snow plough parenting

As mentioned above there are always two sides of a coin, thus this parenting style has its own disadvantages as well. The issue in snow plow or snow plough parenting is when the parents don’t know where to draw the line of protectiveness so that it does not turn into over-protectiveness. Trying to help your child with solving problems or being supportive during the problems he/she faces is perfectly fine.

But, when the child runs to his/her parents in every situation then this is a cause of concern and should be alarming. This is a cue for you that the child is becoming entirely and totally dependent on you. Thus, your child cannot learn to be self-dependent and self-sufficient. He/she will have the tendency to look for support in every big or small difficult situation of life.  In long run this could lead to a huge problem.

To sum up, I would like to state that there is no way that parents can save and protect their children from every big or small issue they face. This is because parents are not going to be always around children. As parents, all you can do is be protective of your children, and there is no harm in that! But, at the same time make sure to teach them to be self-sufficient and self-dependent. So, that even if you are not around the child can fight the battles of life, no matter how big or small they are. 

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Snow plow or snow plough parenting

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9 thoughts on “Snow plow or snow plough parenting :Pros and cons

  1. Plow or Plough – i’m not a parent, and this is totally new to me. But it is great to know and learn part of the challenges of being a parent. Learning what is right, wrong just and what’s applicable to the situation.

    Shout out to the parents, Happy Mother’s Day as well.

  2. it was an interesting read for me i think i could work with this method of parenting in some time to come despite the comparison here i see a lot to be done by many parents, thanks for sharing this informative post.

  3. This kind of parenting style may be good in a way, but I think it would not be a good way to teach a child how to problem solve on their own. That would be a big disadvantage for the child once they grow up to be adults. I don’t think I could classify my parenting style into any of those mentioned in this post. I just do what I feel is right for them.

  4. Is this the same as helicopter parenting? I haven’t heard the term snow plough parenting. I’m a firm believer though that kids need to learn to push through challenges. Especially as they get older. It’s one thing helping kids learn, and offering advice, it’s another thing to remove every obstacle so they live life on easy mode. IMO it doesn’t prepare them for the “real world”

  5. I’d probably just fall into the snowplow category myself if I’m a parent. I’m definitely a snowplow aunt to my nieces and nephews. Sometimes, I react crazily more than their own parents. I’ll be inclined to move everything that blocks their way. Nothing wrong with that but balance in everything is a key. Also, training kids to be independent won’t hurt too.

  6. There is some really sound advice and comparisons here – useful for many parents. It is like you say there is always two sides to the coin for sure xx

  7. Being a parent is not easy. I guess it depends on the situation itself. Being close to our kids and really watch their effort can help us identify both sides of the coin. There are always good and bad in all situations. I guess paying closer attention may help to assess the pros and cons. Thank you for sharing. I am French so the term was a novelty for me 🙂

  8. Aah Ive never heard this term before, but its great to know. I dont have kids yet but for the last 6 months or so my bf and I have been reading parenting books because we want to start preparing early. Thank you for this <3

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