Relaxing sounds and their powerful effects

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For most of us stress and panic have become constant companions. It could due to a variety of issues like screaming children, tight deadlines, high pressure office work, heavy meals, prolonged sickness, hectic house chores, etc. The symptoms are right there waiting to grab us by the throats. Stress and panic attacks are extremely harmful and could lead to serious long term mental illness. In the past few years, a lot has been explored and suggested to calm your mind / body and lead a stress free life. Also, due to increasing awareness around issues related to mental illness, more and more people are making genuine efforts to change their routines and incorporate activities that could help them attain inner peace. One such proven technique is listening to relaxing sounds.

How are relaxing sounds beneficial? – Here are few benefits:

  • Decreased stress
  • Increased productivity
  • Help achieve deeper sleep and rest
  • Add positive value to your moods – makes you more relaxed and happy
  • Body gets refreshed due to infusion of endorphins
  • Could really help if you have trouble sleeping – adding relaxing sounds and sleep faster

Start where you are and use what you have!

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10 Super power relaxing sounds

  • Rainfall
  • Forest sound – soft rains and wind
  • Ocean waves
  • Distant thunderstorm
  • Night Cricket sound
  • Running water sound
  • White noise – great for babies
  • Oscillating fan sounds
  • Water babbling down a stream
  • Waterfall sound

You could choose any or feel free to create your own soft playlist. I personally love the Om Chants as they resonate a lot in my body. I have trouble sleeping but playing Om chants on my Google Home is great and I do sleep faster. You can easily get these on any App store for free.

You could also buy a DVD of relaxing sounds or simply download the Google music app on your phone and subscribe. Google app option is not free but is quite nominal and worth every penny.

Life is not easy (every day is a new struggle) and stress will always be around. It is best to arm yourself with a lot of positivity and be ready to face whichever challenge comes your way. Good luck!

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10 Relaxing sounds
10 Relaxing sounds
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21 Comments on “Relaxing sounds and their powerful effects”

  1. I love the sound of waterfalls splurging through and breaking the rocks as they fall! That’s so therapeutic for me. That’s why I’m always by a waterfall near here whenever I need to destress.

  2. I have been listening to relaxing music for my university deadlines, it really helps me unwind and stop overthinking. I particularly like forest or waterfall sounds! They also help me to fall asleep which I had been struggling with! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I know that they help an awful lot when it comes to sleep. My ex used to have them around all the time and they definitely help settle the mind and prepare one for rest which is essential if you want to be productive. Rain is a great one for me.

  4. I love the sound of running water, chirping birds & vibrating bells. The calm and soothing effect is great! I enjoy meditation much & these sounds bring an enhanced effect.

  5. A very interesting post I must say. I find it amusing that distant thunderstorm is relaxing. I’ve never put much thought into that, I feel like it’s something worth trying.

  6. So relaxing! I used the white noise for kids and for me the most relaxing sound is definitely the waves. It always brings me so much peace.

  7. Absolutely to all of this! My girls both had noise machines in their room as infants, and my eldest still uses hers. She still sleeps to the rainfall track, but during the day I notice her changing to different relaxing soundtracks from the options available, depending on her mood and what she is doing (reading, making “art” at her desk, etc.)

  8. As a Florida girl, my two favorites on this list would have to be the ocean waves and thunderstorm. I love being near the beach, especially when a storm rolls through and combines both of these together!

  9. I love all those sounds, especially the Rainfall because honestly, it’s so relaxing!
    I’m going to create a soft playlist after reading this blog post

  10. The power of sound can be life changing. I personally love quiet, relaxing sounds of water or birds. I often go to bed to jazz playing or the sounds of an ocean. These are my methods of relaxation.

  11. Being a Florida girl, the two most relaxing for me are the ocean waves and thunderstorms. Those are some of my favorite sounds when I need some chill time.

  12. I started to listen to relaxing sounds after baby #1 to sleep, particularly the babbling brook and rain. Now, I find it useful during meditation. I use a sound machine and have a few downloads on my iPhone.

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