Apple Cider Vinegar (A surprise cure for dandruff)

We all love our hair and we all know that dandruff is the main cause of hair damage. Our lifestyle and dietary habits are to be blamed. But before you jump to buying those expensive products, we have an easy and effective home remedy.


ACV is found to be capable of curing everything from flu to fighting against diabetes and heart problems. Many of its health benefits are not proven but experts believe that adding it to our daily routine may bring incredible health benefits.

ACV is effective in getting rid of dandruff because the enzymes present in vinegar are so powerful that they are capable of killing both bacterial and fungal infections without causing damage to hair.

The main cause of dandruff is excessive production of yeast on the scalp. It is the presence of bacteria on the surface of scalp that leads to dead skin cells which in turn causes flaking and itchiness. The use of ACV in appropriate quantities can prevent the formation of dandruff.

Make your own ACV at home

Necessary ingredients required for making ACV are

  1. Apples
  2. Water
  3. Vinegar

Once you have the above mentioned ingredients, we are all set to make apple cider vinegar.

Using a kitchen knife, cut the apple into small pieces and mix with water. Leave them for fermentation, after few weeks take out the pieces of apple from the solution and let it ferment some more. The presence of natural sugars in apple will turn the solution into a type of alcohol. When the solution is fermenting, healthy bacteria’s will be eventually formed producing acetic acid(which is vinegar’s main ingredient). This is how apple cider vinegar is made, it is also used for salad dressing and prevents food from getting spoiled.

Now let’s check how to effectively use ACV for preventing the formation of dandruff.

Make your hair oil free by washing it with gentle shampoo. Hair shouldn’t be oily at all.

Take ACV with warm water (Vinegar smell could be awful, feel free to add drops of lavender oil). Find the spots where you could feel dandruff and apply the mixture. Leave it for an hour. Rinse off with water. Don’t use shampoo for washing your hair after using ACV.

For intense dandruff, you could increase the ACV content in water but the carrying odour could be embarrassing. Best is to repeat the process atleast once a week and you will find dandruff completely disappearing from your hair.

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  1. Making Apple cider at home is not easy. I have tried it couple of times. Fermenting apples takes lot of time. Although! It is great to know the benefits.

  2. This will be quite useful. Thank you for sharing! I have tried different products for dandruff and if this works..I could save a lot

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