Honey and Its health benefits

Honey health benefits
Honey is the first delicious sweet food that a toddler possibly tastes. I can already feel the delicious and yummy taste as I write this article. We all love honey for its taste but it has a quite a few health benefits we were unaware of.


Honey is a Pre-biotic

Honey possess friendly bacteria. These are naturally occurring bacteria when consumed increase the number of intestinal bacteria critical for digestion and gut health. Honey as a pre-biotic hinges on its ability to increase the levels of bacteria in your intestines. This helps to increase metabolism and keeps you healthy. It also regulates your immune system

Regulates blood sugar

Honey is sweet but doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners. It is a combination of fructose and glucose that helps regulate blood sugar. Replace it with white sugar today.

Reduces throat irritation and cough

Honey is quite effective against cough and you will be surprised to know that it is as effective as a single dose of over the counter medicine recommended for cough. It also helps reduce that irritating night time cough which keeps some of us up at night.

Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

Osmotic effect of sugar content in honey prevents microbial growth so when it is used on a wound and diluted with wound extracts, its antibacterial properties enhance and put on some amazing healing properties.

Prevents cancer and heart diseases

Honey has sugars, flavonoids and anit-oxidants that fight cancer cells and also help reduce heart diseases. Based on a research page at NCBI (National Centre for Biotechnology Information), natural products such as honey have potential anticancer properties.

Skin moisturizer

The anti-bacterial properties of honey also have the ability moisturize and nourish skin. It is natural remedy for acne and aging. It also boosts complexion and soothens skin to add to your skin’s glow.

Reduces Ulcers

Bacteria cannot survive in a honey concentrated environment and so honey is known to beat ulcer and any gastrointestinal disorders. This is a God sent for everyone who love spicy food.

Reduce belly fat

Unlike refined sugar, honey contains proteins, sugar, vitamins and other minerals so it is great to fight against obesity which in turn reduces heart disorders. Honey is not known to increase body weight and has been quite effective in reducing bad cholesterol.

Tasty Honey

Types of Honey

There are around 300 types of honey available around the world. Enclosed are a few which are famous and quite delicious.

  • Sage honey
  • Creamed clover honey buckwheat honey
  • Acacia honey
  • Manuka honey
  • Tupelo honey
  • Leatherwood honey
  • Sourwood hone

Darker honey has more antioxidants and are better for overall heath.

Important things to consider –
  • Please do not feed honey to infants as it can cause a reaction before they complete their first year. Don’t add honey to baby food or give it to a colic baby. Checkout our natural remedies for baby colic.
  • Consuming honey is good but excess of everything is bad and so eating honey in moderation is a healthy habit.

Honey recipes

Honey Water

  • Honey water – Mix honey with warm water and enjoy it in winter mornings. A perfect drink for cough and infection
  • Honey with lemon water – Mix 2 tablespoon of honey with water and add half a lemon to make the perfect detox drink. This is an effective way to reduce calories and to stay hydrated. Also, great cure for a hangover.
  • Honey and Cinnamon – Put some cinnamon in water. Warm the water and add honey to it. Enjoy this drink to reduce weight and increase energy levels.
  • Honey with Garlic – Mix one tablespoon of honey with a crushed garlic clove. Consume in the morning to give an incredible boost to your overall immunity.
  • Honey with Ginger – This is one the most popular natural remedies. Take some finely chopped ginger with a spoon of honey. Add a pinch of black pepper before sleeping to get rid of irritating throat issues.

Honey is one of the best and accessible health food options around. Adding honey to daily routine can help you keep healthy, fit and strong.

Enjoy the benefits of honey regularly.  

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37 Comments on “Honey and Its health benefits”

  1. I loved reading this! I have used honey for a few different health benefits but I didn’t realize how many other things I could use it for! Love this post so much!

  2. Honey is such a delicious super food. It’s good for almost every part of your body and helps to keep you healthy and well.

  3. Honey does do so many different amazing things. I know it was national honey month last night. It’s got so many good things in it. And yes it can be so beneficial to health.

  4. I didn’t know that honey had so many health benefits. I knew it has good for you but I didn’t know how much. I usually add it in my tea, when I have a cold.

  5. Yeah i have always known that Honey is great i use it for my skin and right now my body looks like a babies own thanks for sharing other wonderful tips am always gonna be trying them out … (y)

  6. Wow there’s a lot of advantages from consuming honey, I’m not really a fan of sweets, I barely eat chocolates and ice cream. but honey its always in my pantry I mix it with peanut butter spead with my bread.weird right but tasty 🙂

  7. I really liked this post. It’s very informative and all the points you made are valid. When my dog licked a sore on his right leg several years ago, we did laser treatments, antibiotics, steroids…you name it. But all of those things gave him only temporary relief. On the advice of a friend of mine who is a whole foods holistic nutritionist, I spent $30 on a small jar of manuka honey and used that. I bandaged it so he couldn’t lick it and voila! Sore gone! Thanks for sharing!

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