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Why your Child’s Loose Tooth Pain is Normal and 10 Easy Ways to Handle it

Congratulations, mommies! You have now officially entered the wonderful world of loose tooth pain in children. Don’t worry, it’s a rite of passage that every parent must endure. It’s like a surprise visit from the Tooth Fairy, except instead of finding money under your child’s pillow, you’ll find a wailing child with a wobbly tooth. […]

Worried about toddler mouth breathing! 8 ways to stop it

You’ve probably noticed that your toddler mouth breathing instead of nasal breathing. You might have also noticed that it’s a frequent and continuous behavior, not just something he does occasionally. This is quite normal because this is the way little children breathe. Toddlers don’t have fully-developed breathing passages yet so they can’t breathe through their […]

Mosquito bite on eyelid toddler – 7 Natural ways on how to treat mosquito bite on eyelid

In the heat, humidity and warm weather, mosquitos get more active in almost all parts of the world. While you can protect yourself with insect repellent and stay indoors as much as possible, it’s inevitable that at some point you will find yourself bitten by these pesky insects. When young children spend time outdoors regularly, […]

7 Halloween safety tips for kids – Don’t Trick and Treat Yourself Into Danger! (Halloween safety handouts)

Thinking of sending your little one out trick-or-treating this Halloween? Then, you must read these top 7 Halloween safety tips for kids beforehand. Also find free Halloween safety handouts, a simple safety checklist. Here are 10 amazing coloring Printables for kids to keep them busy 7 Halloween safety tips for kids Giving kids a safe […]

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