Learn colors in Hindi (1 Free practice worksheet)

colors in hindi

‍Do you know that there are different names for colors in Hindi? If you think that only the English language has various words to describe the same thing, you’re wrong. The rich diversity of the Hindi language makes it so special and interesting. Like any other language, Hindi also has a lot of words for colors.

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Colors in Hindi

Colors have special significance in our lives. They have a strange ability to influence us and affect us in many ways. In fact, the color of something is something that we notice first. It’s only after you know what color something is that you begin to take in other details about it.
That’s why choosing the perfect color for things plays an important role in your life. Here’s a list of the 10 most popular names for color names in Hindi and English

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colors in Hindi


These were some of the most common words used for colors in Hindi. Those who want to communicate in Hindi with their friends or family members may want to remember these words for colors.

Learn colors in Hindi (1 Free practice worksheet)
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