Did you Smile today??

A smile will give you ten more years of life!!

Why are kids healthier than adults? The simple reason is that they are constantly smiling, laughing and jumping all over the place. I have recently started taking my child to the playground and observing adults sitting or standing around with a serious look while their kids are clearly having a blast.

A recent global research proves that smiling and laughing not only reduces stress but has several health benefits as well. The mere expression of a smile can create a positive aura around you making you more friendly and happy.

Some obvious and not so obvious benefits of smiling and laughing:

  1. Endorphin release
    When we smile, movement of muscles on the face releases Endorphin which make us feel happy and lowers stress levels. Important thing to note is that brain doesn’t differentiate between a fake or happy smile so we have a simple way out of a stressful situation. Just smile!
  2. Endorphin help us feel happier and act as stress and natural pain killers.
  3. Endorphin also reduce stress hormones like cortisol thus reducing anxiety.
  4. Laughing expands our lung capacity and is a form of exercise
  5. Laughing and smiling can help us release pent up emotions and help put a positive spin on stressed situations. Handling with a laugh is much more satisfying!
  6. Smiling is an attractive emotion  – people around you get attracted to you and it creates a positive aura.
  7. Without exception, a happy person is always served well in life – Happiness relaxes your mind and body and makes you stronger to cope with tough situations which makes you confident and healthy.


So my dear friends, if you miss out a funny movie or a funny video this weekend would be a great time to watch it and start your laughing exercise. Also lets not forgot you don’t need to have a schedule to smile and laugh, do it as often as possible


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7 Comments on “Did you Smile today??”

  1. There was actually a period in my life when I stopped and realised I couldn’t remember the last time I laughed. It was a scary and difficult time. All’s good now though 🙂


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