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With increase in air pollutants and harmful gases around us we all have a tendency to catch cough and cold. Most of us grab over the counter medication for quick recovery but neglect to realize that there are several home remedies which can actually prove more effective in the long run. There is also a myth that home remedies doesn’t work or are slow. It is just that, a myth.

It might take marginally longer but one has to understand that medication simply alleviates symptoms and illness has to run its course in the body. Strengthening the immune system will also prove beneficial in the long run.

Home remedies do take extra time as they are not artificial pain relievers when but there are some techniques if incorporated in routine will never let you fall sick……. Magical isn’t it.

The intent of this article is to run you through home remedies for cough and cold.

Polluted winters are here so before you get a runny nose, irritating eyes or cough etc.. Check out home remedies that will make you winter ready.

An important thing to remember is that these home remedies are quite effective but if you have a serious issue like chest congestion, breathing issue, recurring cough, asthma etc, please visit a doctor as you might have to take antibiotics for some time till condition improves.

A simple trick for an imbalance in body is to keep yourself hydrated. Drink as much water possible. A glass of warm water with lemon every morning is a must and can help prevent indigestion, cough and cold, helps in reducing weight and reduces toxins in our body.

1)      Ginger tea

Ginger is an amazing ingredient and easily accessible. It contains Gingerol which has lot of medicinal properties and can help fight infections and having ginger tea in the morning is probably one of the best habits you can add to your morning routine. This is one of the best home remedies to prevent cough and cold as well.

Recipe for a quick fresh ginger drink (tea)

Take fresh, peeled and grated ginger

Place it in 250ml water and boil it.

Add lemon juice

Your tea is ready

2)      Honey water

Honey has lot of health benefits, for more details please check honey and its health benefits on our website. Consuming honey water during winters is quite good for throat. Just add some honey to a glass of warm water and enjoy it. Each sip will help you stay healthy and winter ready.

3)      Turmeric milk

Almost all us know how good turmeric is for our body. Turmeric has curcumin, which is a very powerful antioxidant. Adding turmeric to your daily glass of milk can help you beat bacterial and viral infections. Turmeric milk is useful in treating illness related to respiratory system since the spice heats up your body and provides quick relief from lung congestion and sinuses. This is also an effective remedy to cure asthma and bronchitis.

4)      Pineapple

Yes! Pineapple has Bromelian, an enzyme that helps suppress cough and loosens mucus in your throat. This also relieves allergy based sinus issues. So to get winter ready, have a slice of pineapple every-day

5)      Honey, ginger and black pepper

For cough attacks due to dust, this could be best remedy for you. It has worked wonders for me. Add freshly fine chopped ginger with some powdered black pepper to a take spoon of honey. Have this mixture and get rid of immediate cough attacks.

6)      Carrot juice

Carrot is quite accessible in winter and most of us enjoy drinking carrot juice. A glass of carrot juice during winters not only fights cough and cold but also keep your body energetic.

7)      Steaming

Whenever we step out dirt and dust always joins us back home. Most dust particles cause allergies. Process of steaming after huge encounter of dust could not only prevent you from catching cold, it also cleans your skin.

8)      Gargles before bed

Just add some salt to water and do gargles before bed time. You are all set for the next day without any medication.

9)      Dry fruits

Winter starts with dry-fruits and they are fun to eat. Dried figs are not available throughout the year but you will find them during winters. They have lot of health benefits and are rich in antioxidants. Dry figs not only help prevent infections but are also rich in Iron.

10)   Mustard oil and garlic

Incase you feel a little cold, a soft massage with mustard oil and garlic could do the magic. Just add fine chopped garlic cloves in ¼ cup of mustard oil. Warm it and massage your chest using this. Don’t rub the oil off, cover your chest properly. You should feel better within hours. Remember to rub the warm oil and not cold one.

11)   Ocimum tenuiflorum (Tulsi) leaves

Chewing some Ocimum tenuiflorum leaves can prevent cold and cough. This is an ancient technique and quite a reliable one.

12)   Kadha

This is an ultimate recipe if you are looking for a quick solution to cold and cough.

Recipe for Kadha

Take some asked tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum ) leaves with ginger, ginger, cardamom and turmeric and grind them together. Put this paste along with cinnamon powder, Black pepper, bay leaves, Fennel seeds and clove into a pot of boiling water. Leave it boiling for at least 5 minutes. Strain the water and enjoy it with honey.

These are few home remedies for cough and cold. This would definitely make you more winter ready but it is important to work towards improving our environment. We are looking at new policies and rules to come in near future but to implement these is in our hands.

If we all do our part towards earth and its betterment then our next generation could enjoy this land and its resources

Do check effects of air pollution on our health and see how you can reduce air pollution at home and office.


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  1. Natural remedies are better than medicine, that’s what I believe. Thank you for this list that I can use, I always get colds because of the weather.

  2. It is definitely cough and cold season. I know that I am going through a round of junk myself that I picked up. These are great!

  3. I have always been a big fan of honey and ginger for colds. I didn’t know about all these other ones though, so I am sure this post will come in handy this year! Thanks for the great list of information.

  4. I know many people that are huge advocates for natural remedies like this. I have tried a few of them, but I am going to have to give some of these ones a shot.

  5. Bronchitis is a serious disease our community is facing these days due to rise in air pollutant and germs. Implementing natural remedies in order to cure bronchitis is a good choice rather than going with advanced medical medicines that have side effects. Already knew about some of the points you mentioned in the article but “Kadha” is a new concept for me. Definitely going to try this.

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