How to Deal With Littering Neighbors: 5 Easy Ways To Handle It

how to deal with littering neighbors

There are pros and cons for living in a condo, co-op or apartment complex. The obvious pro is that you don’t have a yard waste to deal with. The not so obvious con is that your neighbors are so close you could almost reach out and touch them. However, what may be even more annoying than this proximity is the mess some of your neighbors make of their private property. Here are 5 simple ways on how to deal with littering neighbors.

I have loving neighbors, a family from 6 including an old women and a couple with 3 children of different age. The old women is like Arrow of Udonta jumping around and picking up anything that she needs in her way. Just like any other old women she is known for her centuries old thoughts and famous for littering around. It is like she doesn’t see trash containers and love all species including insects and mosquitoes.

Then comes the lady of the house who seems to loves plants but she has no idea how to grow them. So you could imagine how much litter I have to deal with.

The three growing children need to learn a lot when it comes to social stability since there language and etiquettes need refinements. It is like they see the ground floor as a dump yard.

Yes! I know you can related. It can get frustrating enough to consider moving out. There are plenty of reasons people choose to live in an identifiable community. A big one is having the peace of mind knowing that everyone around you shares similar standards when it comes to cleanliness, courtesy and respect for your fellow community members, regardless of whether they’re directly above or below you. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks the same way.

How littering neighbors adds to our stress

One of the most stressful thing in apartments is littering neighbors. According to research, it’s not just dog poop that causes stress, even people dropping litter on the ground can put a strain on your nerves. In fact, a study from the University of California found that simply walking by someone dropping litter caused an increase in heart rate and blood pressure in those who looked at it. Take a look at the research

That’s because exposure to littering sends a message to our brain that we are under threat or attack. In turn, this triggers our “fight or flight” instinct, which is why we get sweaty palms, heart palpitations and a rush of adrenaline. In addition to stressing us out, littering creates an unpleasant smell in the air that can also cause other people to feel anxious and distracted. So next time you see someone drop litter on the ground, be sure to say something so they can pick it up and keep your neighbors safe and sane.

Not only does littering create an eyesore, it also can lead to health issues for nearby residents, as well as leave them feeling stressed out. It’s important for all homeowners to take steps to prevent their property from becoming a littering hotbed, including making sure their properties are clean, properly maintained and free of trash. It’s worth noting that not all litter is created equal, and some types of litter may be more harmful than others.

For example, cigarette butts are some of the most dangerous kinds of litter, as they pose a serious fire risk. And while cigarette lighters aren’t always included with cigarette packs, they can still pose a significant fire risk when out in public. Open spaces dumped with plastic bottles, waste tires, inoperable vehicles etc. are just public nuisance and should be discouraged.

5 Ways to deal with Littering Neighbors

Your neighbors are important to your quality of life. You must get along with them, so it’s important to know how to deal with littering neighbor. This can be a tricky situation. Perhaps you’ve suggested ways for them to clean up after their pets, keep area around the house clean, remove bulky items from public places, etc.

Maybe you’ve spoken in private about how it makes the property look, or perhaps you’ve even gotten so frustrated that you yelled at them about it. However, not everybody is receptive to feedback or advice. In these situations, how do you know how to deal with littering neighbors? How do you handle such a contentious relationship? Here are 5 decent ways on how to deal with littering neighbors.

Communicate face-to-face

If you want to know how to deal with littering neighbors, the first thing you need to do is figure out if there’s a problem at all. This can be tricky because we often project our stresses onto our neighbors. The best way to know if there’s a problem is to talk to them. This can be scary because you may not want to offend them, or they may not want to listen to you.

You could try and go about it in a casual way, such as saying, “Are you aware that you have a couple of pots lying around? I just wanted to let you know that area is getting dirty due to the pots. You can explain to them that illegal dumping in public property is not a right things to do.

If you notice that your neighbors are always dropping trash or litter around your neighborhood, ask them if they would be willing to help you keep the neighborhood clean. You can offer to team up with them to clean up the neighborhood. If you do this, make sure to be friendly and don’t scold them about the littering. Instead, focus on the cleaning.

Write a letter

If you’ve tried to communicate with your littering neighbors and it hasn’t worked, you may want to consider writing a letter. You can write a letter to your littering neighbors outlining the problems you are experiencing with littering. This is almost like writing a letter to someone who has wronged you. You don’t want to be overly emotional and you don’t want to be accusatory. Rather, you want to be calm and outline the issues you are experiencing. Then, you can leave the letter for your neighbors to find. This is different than communicating face-to-face because the letter can be taken as an official complaint.

The only intention behind this letter should be able to deal with littering neighbors and nothing more. Don’t let you personal thoughts impact your agenda. Your only goal should be to stop littering neighbors.

Take legal action

If littering isn’t improving and you don’t think that it will ever change, you may want to consider taking legal action. Every state has different rules. In some states, dog owners are legally required to pick up after their pets. If you live in a state where this is the case, you can report the neighbors. If you aren’t in a state where this is required and the littering has gotten out of control, you may want to talk to an attorney.

An attorney may be able to take legal action against your neighbors to force them to clean up their yards. Depending on the type of littering, you may be able to report your neighbors to the police and have them fined for breaking the law.

Move to end the relationship

If the littering has become so bad that you have tried everything you can think of and it hasn’t worked, you may want to consider ending the relationship. This doesn’t mean that you have to move. Rather, it means that you have to draw a line in the sand and make it clear that you won’t put up with the littering anymore. If you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked, it’s okay to get mad.

You don’t want to yell at your littering neighbors or do anything to jeopardize your safety, but you can let them know that you have tried everything and nothing has worked. If you’re feeling stressed and frustrated, try to take a break from dealing with the problem. Perhaps you can take a walk and let off some steam. Or, you can meditate and focus your energy on finding a solution to the problem.

how to deal with littering neighbors
How to deal with littering neighbors

Find a way to be grateful

Finally, you can look for ways to be grateful for the littering. Although this may sound silly, there’s some truth to the saying, “Be grateful for your enemies; they teach you your strengths.” You may have had some issues with your neighbors for a long time, and you may be so used to them being there that you don’t realize how much better your life could be if they litter less. You can try gratitude journaling, where you write down three things you are grateful for each day. You also can do things that help you let go of the stress and frustration you feel about littering, such as yoga or meditation.

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How to keep your society and surrounding clean

Keeping your society clean and tidy is a good way to make sure that everyone in the group feels safe and comfortable. You can create a sense of order by keeping things organized and clean. This also impacts property values.

  • To promote cleanliness in own neighborhood, a society can come up with a community group (a volunteer team) that looks into service requests of people with the society.
  • Green litter basket can be placed at various places
  • Hazardous waste should be collected and with help of local governments such materials should be removed.
  • Illegal dumpsites should be cleaned


If you want to improve your life, you need good relationships with your neighbors. Neighbors can be a great source of support and companionship, but only if you have good relationships with them. The good news is that most people want good relationships with their neighbors. Most people don’t want to litter, they don’t want to be rude, and they want to be helpful.

All you have to do is find a way to deal with the neighbors in your life and you can enjoy what a part of a neighborhood has to offer. When you know how to deal with littering neighbors, you can improve your quality of life by having better relationships with your neighbors.

How to Deal With Littering Neighbors: 5 Easy Ways To Handle It
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