Need to incorporate right growth in Toddlers?

Need to incorporate right growth in Toddlers?

2-5 years is an age of transformation from a clumsy toddler to an excited explorer. During this age a kid develops in areas that include physical and cognitive development. A toddler starts to learn his/her language and understands about social and economic surroundings.  This is an age of sensory and motor development as well.

Most children by the age of 3 start talking and start interacting with their surroundings. This is a sign that we need to start looking at incorporating certain habits that will make a toddler an independent and responsible individual in the near future.

To incorporate certain habits, enclosed are few things that could help your toddler grow and acquire amazing habits:

A Study table – allow your child to start scribbling anything on a plain paper and start coloring anything.
Need to incorporate right growth in Toddlers?Need to incorporate right growth in Toddlers?Just make sure that they have a small study table and spend at least 15 – 30 minutes sitting at that table/desk scribbling. This expands their brain and gets them into a habit of sitting and studying.

Glass and bottle (may be a sipper) – sipper should be introduced as early as possible. A toddler having their own glass and bottle is a very important. Allow them to fill their bottle themselves and then sip water very hour. This way they keep sipping water every day and become more independent growing up.Need to incorporate right growth in Toddlers?Need to incorporate right growth in Toddlers?

High Chair – Most of us don’t introduce high chairs at an early age but these should be introduced early on. When your baby is sitting up on his own to eat food, he/she becomes more responsible and feels more independent. The sense of responsibility pushes him to finish meals and get a sense of achievement.

Board books – Kids who start reading early on develop reading habits later in life. Introducing board books at the age of 2 and allowing them to flip thick pages again and again opens their thought process. Reading a story book every night before bed is also a good habit and you should definitely read one to your toddler.
Need to incorporate right growth in Toddlers?Need to incorporate right growth in Toddlers?

Coloring books – Kids are always attracted to colors. Once your child is able to identify different colors it is the right time for you to introduce color books. A toddler would just scribble but they might eventually get better at coloring.

Engaging toys – All toddler have their favorite toys. Some like dolls and some cars. During pre-school age, a toddler might is at its creative best and so introducing engaging toys like jigsaw puzzles etc could be really great. This could encourage problem solving and logical thinking. Allow them to build structures and balance blocks as well.Need to incorporate right growth in Toddlers?Need to incorporate right growth in Toddlers?

A ball – This might sound strange but a ball is an important part of toddler’s growth. Ball play helps children develop grasping skills, eye-hand coordination, tracking, finger muscles, and the ability to move objects from one hand to another.

A bicycle – When you can see your toddler running around with full confidence and understand directions, it is time for a bicycle. A Bicycle or a Tricycle is their first transport vehicle and so should be introduced at the right time. You could always allow them to ride a tricycle to be more confident.Need to incorporate right growth in Toddlers?

Pair of sneakers and slippers – Having an attractive and colorful shoe is quite helpful. You could start letting them try to wear shoes on their own. Having a pair of slippers can teach them to use them at home all the time. Keep pushing them to use it when they are at home.

Need to incorporate right growth in Toddlers?Need to incorporate right growth in Toddlers?A bag – Allow them to pack their stuff when you plan to travel. Most toddlers aren’t able to do packing but this can teach them to become more confident and develop a stronger sense of identity.

Every child is different and pushing them hard for anything would be wrong. As parents we just need to try our best to be with them and create an environment that could make them confident about themselves.

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