4 Ways to build a strong long term mother daughter relationships

4 Ways to build a strong long term mother daughter relationships

mother daughter relationships

The relationship between mother and daughter is always special. Because love can’t explain in words, sometimes it isn’t effortless and expresses your love, but it can feel. From childhood, the relationship between mother and daughter has been strong, creating an incredible bond with time. But with long-distance the relationship gets complicated.  

But to bridge this gap, you should go out for some time and have fun together like never before. You should discuss and listen to your daughter’s plans and dreams. Sometimes due to age gap or other reasons, the situation will occur that your daughter will not listen to you and disobey your decisions. At that time, you felt that your relationship is falling apart, but deep inside, you know that your daughter loves you so much. In this conflicted time, you have to, as a mother, work hard and make your relationship strong.

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Why is Mother-daughter Relationship important?

The kind of relationship the daughter shares with her mother enables her to affect self–esteem, self–worth, and ability to make friends. Those children who their parents praise have always had different confidence. If parents do not appreciate them, children may ask for validation from others. In teenagers, her mother is an icon for every daughter, and she wishes to become like her in the future. 

The daughter gets the perfect women image from her mother. But the best duo can go through many ups and downs and ruin their harmonious relationship. Anger, hormones, and different life experiences may be the reason that can work upon.  

mother daughter relationships

Luckily you can easily workout on this relationship by following strategies

Learn to Forgive and Respect Each Other

Hanging the feeling of bitterness in any relationship is a bad feeling. According to research, it results in increased blood pressure, nervous system tracking, and heart rate. But by forgiveness, the stress is reduced, and ultimately it enhances the overall health. Beyond physical, letting go of something will improve individual mental health and career path. 

According to Healthline, the built-up anger towards one person can bleed over to other relationships. If any clashes happen with your daughter or mother, it is better to sit, talk and forgive each other because forgiveness is the best solution to move forward in life without any burden.

While respecting each other advice and it can be challenging for mothers and daughters to be impartial, it hurts when advice is not followed. Also, those who receive advice may have a feeling of interference. Therefore learn to welcome each other direction and support trust even following a different path. 

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Talk Less and Listen More

mother daughter relationships

The reason for many fights can be miscommunication. So active listening will be helpful to bridge this gap and try to listen daughter is trying to say rather than making a decision on assumptions. When she feels that you can understand her, you can quickly establish a better communication relationship and respect each other. 

Sometimes it is okay to disagree. Mothers and daughters both have to think that they have up born and brought up in a different era and have different life experiences. Also, you and your mother may have different opinions about career, parenting, and relationships. But besides all these differences, you have to figure out the areas where neither of you is likely to change your mind to respect each other’s opinion and judgment. 

It happens that your daughter might hesitate to share a few things with you, but be open to communicating and giving your complete attention when your daughter approaches you for any problem. In every relationship, communication is key to success. None of you are mind readers, so being open with each other is the best approach you can go for. In this way, you can avoid the minor problem to become a bigger one.

mother daughter relationships

Find the Common Interest

Whether going shopping or beauty treatments, search for those activities in which you both have a common interest and love doing it together. Spending quality time together makes your work more accessible, and it also enables you to make your relationship more robust, and you also enjoy it. If you don’t have any common interest, then try something new; who knows that you may like something to do it together? Trying new things can bring you closer and create beautiful memories. 

Fight fair

mother daughter relationships

mother daughter relationships

Each mother-daughter duo has its button on that you cannot see eye to eye. Each time the topic arises and the arguments will flow. While it is usual to flow your anger and emotional outbursts and try to prove that you are the best, before defending yourself, try to pause, breathe and consider each other points of view. Searching for new ways will help you maintain peace and avoid hurt feelings. 

Combine the topic of body language with moms and daughters, and it evokes visions full of emotion: the sulking teenager, the finger-pointing mother, the full-of-love bear hug. We frequently make assumptions about what a person is wondering and feeling from their body language – and if the signals are misinterpreted, it may be not very friendly to a mother-daughter relationship as misunderstood words.  Don’t expect to recognize how the other is feeling through their posture, facial expression, or gesture. Rather, ask. Clear communication can help avoid misunderstandings.

mother daughter relationships

mother daughter relationships

4 Ways to build a strong long term mother daughter relationships
4 Ways to build a strong long term mother daughter relationships

For any healthy and prosperous relationship, setting boundaries is essential. Deciding limits and punishments will help you earn that respect you deserve. Restricting them each time will show them that you are still in charge and control their lives. Sometimes, it is okay to ask your children what they think is reasonable.

There is usually room for improvement in any mother-daughter relationship, whether which means prioritizing fun to your time spent together, really listening to one another, agreeing to disagree, or taking benefit of modern communication tools to live in touch. These few easy thoughts will help support your relationship and help you maintain your mother-daughter bond.

mother daughter relationships

4 Ways to build a strong long term mother daughter relationships
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  1. I do agree that communication is such an important factor! I have always been open with my mom and I think that’s what makes us close!

  2. I am such a Mama’s girl so I know how important is a mother-daughter relationship. These tips are great. I agree with you in finding a common interest. That’s how we bond. 🙂

  3. Great read and very apt points. Mother daughter relationships are important. It creates that a unique bond between the two.

  4. Honestly I think the biggest way to improve relationship with others, is first to improve the relationship with self. Encouraging our young women to have respect, forgivenss and love for themselves is HUGE.

  5. Love this post all the points are spot on to build a great mom and daughter relationship. Respect each other and find common interests, listening more than talking all valuable words of wisdom.

  6. I have 2 daughters and agree with the advice given here. Finding common interests can be a great way to help bond better and spend time together working on your relationship whilst having fun.

  7. Great tips and right in time for me. I suffer from having no bound with parents because our relationship were modeled after work relationship (me being the employee and my parents being my employer)

  8. This post is so special. I’ve got an adult teenage daughter and the older she gets the more stubborn she becomes. Lol!! However, we do have a special bond that will last a lifetime.

  9. I agree that the mother-daughter relationship is so strong and affects our later relationships. It’s so important to communicate our feelings without feeling criticized. Having respect for each other’s differences will also greatly help the relationship!

  10. This is a great post! I don’t have a daughter but I use employ the same methods for building a close relationship with my son. I love it that he feels comfortable and safe in our relationship to come to me and just chat about anything and everything.

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