15+ Adorable Pregnancy Announcement Poems

15+ Pregnancy Announcement Poems

The moment you find out you’re expecting a baby is an indescribable mix of joy, excitement, and anticipation. It’s a time filled with overflowing emotions that are just waiting to be shared with the world. While there are countless ways to announce a pregnancy, one particularly creative and heartfelt approach is through the use of pregnancy announcement poems. Poems have an enchanting ability to capture the essence of our emotions and transform them into beautiful words that resonate with others. In this article, we’ll explore the art of crafting pregnancy announcement poems, discuss various themes and ideas, and provide examples to inspire your own poetic journey.

15+ Adorable Pregnancy Announcement Poems

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  1. A tiny miracle growing inside,
    Our hearts filled with joy and pride.
    Soon we’ll be three instead of two,
    Our little bundle of love, it’s true!
  2. Roses are red, violets are blue,
    We have some news to share with you.
    A baby is on the way, oh so sweet,
    Our little one, we cannot wait to meet!
  3. We’re excited to announce, it’s true,
    Our family is expanding by two.
    With laughter and love, our hearts are filled,
    A baby is coming, our dreams fulfilled.
  4. There’s a little secret we can no longer hide,
    We’re adding a new member to our side.
    Tiny toes and a button nose,
    Our little one is already loved, this much we know!
  5. A precious gift, a little surprise,
    We’re expecting, to our delight and surprise.
    Soon our family will grow in size,
    Welcoming our little one with loving eyes.
  6. Whispers of joy fill the air,
    As we share our news with love and care.
    Our family is growing, our hearts expand,
    A baby is coming to hold our hand.
  7. In the journey of life, a new chapter begins,
    As we await the arrival of our bundle of grins.
    We’re preparing for tiny clothes and toys,
    Our little miracle, a bundle of joy!
  8. We have a secret, so lovely and grand,
    A baby is coming to join our band.
    We’re overjoyed, filled with sweet anticipation,
    Our family grows with this new revelation.
  9. We’re painting a nursery, so cozy and bright,
    As we prepare for our baby’s arrival, day and night.
    With each little kick and flutter we feel,
    Our love for our little one becomes more real.
  10. Announcing the stork’s upcoming flight,
    We’re expecting a baby, our hearts take flight.
    Tiny fingers and tiny toes,
    Our little one, our love overflows.
  11. From two hearts, a new love will bloom,
    Our little one is expected, very soon.
    With each passing day, our excitement grows,
    Welcoming our baby, our hearts all aglow.
  12. Whispers of giggles and lullabies,
    As we announce our baby, to our surprise.
    We’re counting the days, filled with delight,
    Our family expanding, what a beautiful sight!
  13. Tiny kicks and a growing belly,
    Our little one, oh so sweet and smelly.
    We’re expecting a baby, a dream come true,
    Sharing our joy and happiness with you.
  14. Our love story continues, a chapter anew,
    A baby is coming, a dream come true.
    With tiny clothes and a nursery prepared,
    Our hearts are overflowing, love is shared.
  15. Announcing our little one, a bundle of joy,
    A precious gift, a girl or a boy.
    We can’t wait to hold our baby so tight,
    Our family expanding, what a pure delight!
Pregnancy Announcement Poems
15+ Pregnancy Announcement Poems


Pregnancy announcement poems offer a delightful and creative way to share the joy of impending parenthood. Through carefully crafted words, you can capture the essence of this extraordinary time and communicate your deepest emotions to those closest to you. Whether you choose whimsical rhymes or profound verse, remember that your pregnancy announcement poem is a testament to the love, hope, and excitement that fill your heart. Embrace the power of words, celebrate this beautiful journey, and let your announcement poem be a shining beacon of joy.

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15+ Adorable Pregnancy Announcement Poems
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