4 exquisite things to buy while shopping in Switzerland

Shopping in Switzerland

How can you keep away from shopping when you are travelling to one of the most romantic and beautiful places on earth. Before dreaming about those shopping bags that bring a proud and pleasurable feeling of owning something lovely, it is very important to allocate a budget to it. Once you have a budget allocated, then you can look start looking into shopping in Switzerland. This post will guide you more about what to buy and where to buy.

I have been to Switzerland twice. My first trip was more a solo trip but the second trip was with my little one. When you are with the family shopping becomes a little difficult but obviously you dont want to miss out anything!

Switzerland is well known for Delicious Chocolates, Army knives, Wines, and Watches. I am sure when you come back from Switzerland than can be a proud owner of a beautiful watch or you could proudly say that you tasted one of the best wines on earth.

Planning a trip to Switzerland, here are tips and checklist


We were told swiss chocolates are the richest and best tasting the world over. If you have taste for dark chocolate than this statement is true. Swiss Chocolates are so delicious and unique that once you go Swiss, you’ll never go back available mostly at every place in Switzerland and due to sheer variety it does get difficult to figure out which ones to choose. Here are some helpful tips

Which one to buy — The trick is to choose a bar with 50% or more cocoa. More than 50% cocoa will be a great experience for your palette with great health benefits and is not too bitter from a taste standpoint. I would also recommend trying the 90% cocoa bar from Lindt if you like it really really bitter. This one is very healthy.

Chocolates - Shopping in Switzerland
Shopping in Switzerland

Where to buy – You may find Chocolates shop everywhere but if you want to buy a whole bunch for family and friends back home then Coop City, their local supermarket chain, is your place. They always have some deals and give good discounts. Coop city of every city in Switzerland has different deals but it won’t make a huge difference to your pocket. Also, if you are fan of hot chocolate, you should grab some tins as their mixtures and powders are super tasty and healthy.

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Wines (Wine Paradise)

If you love wine this is most certainly heaven for you. Switzerland being one of romantic countries in the world lives up to its name when it comes to great tasting wines to set the mood just right. On offer are some amazing Italian and French wines (for some reason, we were recommended by locals not to drink Swiss made) at incredible prices that we simply couldn’t believe.

Where to buy – Wines are available almost everywhere and again Coop city could be helpful. They have some amazing wine collection starting from 1.50 CHF(even these are smoother, robust and better tasting than what we get at home). I used to hate wine but Switzerland made a wine drinker out of me.

Shopping in Switzerland
Wines – Shopping in Switzerland


Well this shouldn’t a surprise. All most watch brands are Switzerland born – Rolex, Swatch, Omega. So if you were planning to buy a watch this could be perfect time. You could also plan a surprise gift. My husband bought me one of the Cuckoo clocks

Where to buy – you will know. Trust me. Do keep in mind that they will be quite expensive.

Cuckoo clocks

Swizz Army Knives

This one you shouldn’t miss while shopping in Switzerland. A handy tool that could be used anytime. You can find any range or size and you can buy them anywhere in Switzerland including Coop City. All in all, Coop city and Migros are good places for you to purchase anything you want including various souvenirs like cowbell, coasters etc.

Happy shopping in Switzerland!

shopping in Switzerland
Shopping in Switzerland
4 exquisite things to buy while shopping in Switzerland
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13 thoughts on “4 exquisite things to buy while shopping in Switzerland

  1. Switzerland is great country. For me the best gift is cheese, Swiss cheese is special. Chocolates are great oo, especially the more bitter options. I personally suggest to forget about Lindt (even though it is my favorite) and try other brands like Ovo to get a wider impressions. knives and watches are awesome too

  2. I have never been to Switzerland, or Europe for that matter. It would be fun to do some shopping and check out all the neat things they have. It sounds like there are so many great things to shop for.

  3. I was always informed that if you go to Switzerland you MUST get swiss chocolate and wine! I have heard awesome things and you continue to confirm it!

  4. I have heard so much about Switzerland been known for Delicious Chocolates, Army knives, Wines, and Watches. But then I have not visited this great country and from your article it is going to help me to make a good shopping.

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