8 Fun and Creative Gifts for Kids That Aren’t Toys

Creative Gifts for Kids

When it comes to giving kids gifts, toys are often the default gift idea. While toys can certainly bring joy to kids, many adults, particularly parents, want to find alternative gift options that can unlock a world of exciting experiences, creativity, learning, and practical skills for kids. Thankfully, there are numerous other gifts you can give that can offer lasting benefits to a child’s development.

From practical everyday items to those that help kids pursue their interests, explore a variety of equally fun gifts. Here are just some gift ideas that can provide kids with memorable moments and opportunities for growth: 

8 Fun and Creative Gifts for Kids

School Supplies

Practical and essential items can be wonderful gifts, such as school supplies. They can make a significant impact on a child’s educational journey and equip them for success. Also, you can find different school supplies at affordable prices. As such, you can stay within budget when gifting multiple kids, especially during the holidays. You can also organize a back-to-school gift bag with all the essential school supplies. You can purchase backpacks and fill them with notebooks, pens, calculators, cheap lanyards, and other supplies. This gift idea is a sure hit among kids who enjoy receiving multiple gifts.


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Bedroom or Study Space Decor

If you’re clueless about alternative gift ideas, look into enhancing a child’s bedroom or study space. Pick items that can contribute to making their environment more productive and inspiring, like desk organizers, lamps, or motivational posters. These additions help create a comfortable and inviting space for studying, reading, and pursuing hobbies. Also, a well-designed study area can help improve focus, concentration, and overall enjoyment of learning.

Outdoor Adventure Gear

Another fun gift idea to give kids is some outdoor gear. They encourage kids to engage in outdoor activities, improving their physical and mental well-being. Some gift ideas include bicycles, skateboards, or camping equipment. These gifts promote an active lifestyle, enhance coordination skills, and foster a love for nature. Plus, the adventures and bonding opportunities with their friends and families that come with outdoor activities make these gifts truly special.

Tickets to a Live Show or Event

Every kid can have a different idea of what constitutes amazing gifts. For some, they value experience over material gifts. If you’re finding a gift for such a kid, consider giving them tickets to  live performances or events. You can give tickets to theater shows, concerts, or sports games. Not only does this create excitement, but it also exposes kids to different forms of art, culture, and entertainment. As a bonus, you can attend the event with the kids and share a memorable experience that you’ll both cherish for years to come.

Puzzle Games and Brain Teasers

If you’re giving a gift to someone who likes to be challenged mentally, puzzle games and brain teasers are great ideas. They can also enhance cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills. Whether it’s traditional jigsaw puzzles, logic games, or brain-teasing riddles, these gifts stimulate children’s minds and encourage them to think critically. Gifting puzzles also opens opportunities for family and friends to come together, collaborate, and have fun while exercising their mental muscles.

Books and Other Reading Materials

Open kids’ minds to exploring a whole new world through books. They’re a gateway to imagination, knowledge, and personal growth. Make sure to gift books that are aligned with the kid’s interests and reading level. This way, you can be sure it’s something they’ll enjoy. Apart from enhancing language and literacy skills, reading books can  also spark creativity, empathy, and a love for learning. Additionally, you can look for book subscriptions and reading-related memberships. This provides kids with a constant supply of new stories and adventures, promoting a lifelong passion for reading.

Creative gifts for kids
Creative gifts for kids

Art Supplies and Craft Kits

One part of a kid’s development is nurturing their creativity. If you want to tap into kids’ right side of the brain, consider gifting them art supplies or craft kits. It will also inspire the kids to express themselves. artistically. From drawing and painting to sculpting and DIY projects, art supplies and craft kits provide endless possibilities for creative exploration and expression. These gifts not only encourage imagination but also develop fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities for younger kids.

Musical Instruments

Another gift you can explore if you want to tap into a kid’s creativity is musical instruments. You can give them beginner-friendly musical instruments, such as a keyboard, guitar, or ukulele. You can also give them resources for learning the instrument or sign them up for beginner’s classes as part of the gift. This way, they are encouraged to learn to play.

Aside from being a fun experience, learning to play a musical instrument encourages discipline among kids. Also, playing a musical instrument enhances their memory, concentration, and coordination. Moreover, it cultivates a deep appreciation for music and allows kids to express themselves through it.


When it comes to gift-giving for kids, explore other options apart from traditional toys. Find gifts that are practical and experiential in nature. It’s also a good idea to look for gifts that encourage kids’ creativity, curiosity, and love for adventure. Additionally, considering kids interests and picking gifts according to them can make the recipient enjoy the gift even more.

By looking beyond toys as gifts, you also make a lasting impact on children’s lives. With that, embrace the joy of giving non-toy gifts and create meaningful moments that contribute to their growth, development, and happiness.

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8 Fun and Creative Gifts for Kids That Aren’t Toys
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