Wandering toddler

Wandering toddler at National Crafts Museum

One Sunday afternoon, we planned a visit to the wonderfully engaging Science Museum in New Delhi. It is approximately a 30 minute drive from Noida. Much to our surprise, the place has no parking space available and there was a lengthy queue for the entry ticket. Despite our obvious disappointment, it was great to see enthusiasm in kids to visit standing outside but we had to change our plan.

Wandering toddler
Amazing craft

Instead of driving back home we decided to go to National Crafts Museum which is next to the Science Museum. We didn’t expect much but weather Gods were kind and it looked interesting from outside.

Parking team outside helped us with valet parking (cost of valet parking INR 120). Entrance ticket cost was nominal (INR 20 Adults). Our plan was quite simple if we don’t enjoy the place too much then we could just go to CAFÉ LOTA which is a really cute food joint at the premises and drive back home.

We ended up having a surprisingly good time!

National crafts Museum is acclaimed as one of the largest Crafts Museum in the country with representations from most major states. As expected, you always find some part being renovated but it was a great fun.

Wandering toddler
Wall Painting

We saw incredible wall to wall paintings from different states along with some great wooden sculptures, some of them pretty scary! thanks to our wandering toddler. As usual our little one enjoy every bit of it. He was amazed to experience wonderful huge statues, dogs, paintings and music. There were some art stalls selling great décor material. You would be definitely tempted to own a few of them.

We also encountered some amazing music artist and visited craft galleries. Photography within galleries was prohibited. Galleries depicts the growth in crafts and various form of craft work. How from wall these crafts have moved to cloth based on our lifestyle.

We wrapped up within 45 minutes since the place was under renovation but overall it was a great experience.  I am sure the travelling spirit of our wandering toddler will lead us to many such fun days.

Unfortunately! There was waiting line at the café so we decided to drive back home. This concluded the adventure part of our short,sweet and “crafty” Sunday

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